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Jots with dots 10/30

White guys and catcalling or whatever this is….

For a guy like me, ie, a middle aged white guy, this a lose / lose argument to pursuit.  But we’re talking amongst ourselves here, and I am not one to be cowed by the possibility of being called a bigot…because I‘m not a bigot, and I certainly have no great adoration for my own ethnicity.  I live in the real world, and I’m ‘street’ enough to know that the reason black and latino men are overrepresented in this video is because white guys don’t typically act this way.  It’s outside of white guy social norms.   They didn’t get good footage of white guys because the frequency of occurrence wasn’t as high.  This lament about them being underrepresented is about something else, ie, the silly need for a proper villain in power / privilege / Marxist terms.

Said this a month ago when the race WI race seemed essentially tied.  Burke is a dilettante.  Is it realistic to have an expectation she could pull this out and defeat Walker?  No.  If the race was that important, WI Dems, you might have wanted to put up a better candidate.

Madison Bumgarner:  There’s the elite baseball player, which most pros are.  Then there’s the elite, elite baseball player, who are better than all the other elite players.  I’m shocked he lost a game this year.  Key:  he doesn’t throw strikes that a guy can put the barrel of the bat on.


Jots with dots 10/27

Minnesota Poll – has Dayton by 7 and Franken by 9.  That means Dayton / Johnson is probably essentially a tie, with Johnson having some chance of walking off with the prize, what with the Minnesota Poll usually having a built in 8 pt skew to the Democrats.  Seriously, the governor’s race has always been volatile (think Carlson v Perpich, 1990).  I have no doubts a preference cascade could occur here in the final week that tips it to Johnson.  I’ll say it…Johnson wins.  One of Franken or Dayton is going to lose.

At this point it’s too obvious to ignore / dismiss with blithe sycophancy.  SNL mocks Pres. Obama for his competence.

More IRS scandals that are ‘bullshit’

Jots with dots 10/24

Experts question MnSure average rate increase of 4.5%

Why yes, they do question it!  I think they question it because, ya know,  it’s bullshit.  Self respecting statisticians and actuarials, even if they are passionate partisans, can’t put their credibility in question by the embrace of the Dayton administrations grossly charitable statistical treatment here.

It’s a ‘lie’ as far as it goes, though Democrats are once again somewhat excused, as this is not the moral equivalent of a Republican lie.  Republican lies are done for the Koch Brother’s, and Democrat lies are done to facilitate the greater good.  There’s a difference.

On the question of balance, there is the presence of false balance here, I’d say.  Figure, the 4.5% number ought to be indefensible, but the Strib extends some unwarranted deference to the Dayton Administrations explanation, going through the rote exercise of gathering and presenting opposing viewpoints, including the wholly ridiculous ones.  They don’t push back with ‘explanatory journalism’.

Chait Stains:  hey, all these things are poll taxes, and the Republicans support that!

Bullshit.  These are not poll taxes.  What the republicans disapprove of and think is unfair, is this practice of rounding up transients, putting them on a bus, and taking them to the polls on election day.  They think that’s a misuse of the franchise, and would not be so easy if people had an ID requirement.  That’s all, and, are they really wrong in that sentiment?

Today’s news in graft and patronage

Hunter Biden discharged from the Navy for cocaine use.

Ya know, I do not have craven contempt for people afflicted with bad judgment or worse like this, and that’s not the thing here anyway.  It’s that that the days to take an assignment like that were behind a guy like Hunter Biden.  He’s too old.  That he did was some combination of rainmaking for his firm or establishing a public service record with say an emphasis on the military or foreign affairs.

Anyway, I’m surprised a few ‘understandings’ or phone calls didn’t ‘clear it up’.  But it he’s not himself a big donor.  Not like the Dach’s

The elder there crossed over from government to public sector a couple times.  Last stint as an executive counsel at Walmart he probably earned himself an amount in the low tens of millions, ya figure.  He’s Horatio Alger compared to his son, who now apparently has a $100k fake job doing women’s issues at the state department despite having been implicated in the Cartagena prostitution scandal.

And of course, Chelsea Clinton was recently bringing in $600k at NBC and convinced she was earning it.

So, this is not ‘corruption’, we want to reserve that for bribery and back scratching of some scale in most ways.  It’s grafty nepotism.  But this should still be very much at odds with principles off ‘good governance’ that liberals claim for themselves.  Conservatives say this is rampant, and the liberals are hypocrites.  Liberals will say, no of course not …    and a rebuttal is kinda absurd, you wonder how they can do that with a straight face.  I think it’s some sort of prosperity gospel / purchase of indulgence variant.  They figure if they are working in furtherance of progressive egalitarianism, it’s not wrong that they bring along the kids to dip their beaks.

Where is Zingy?

I didn’t lose my passion and interest all that quick.  Came down with what I thought was the flu on the evening of the 13th, did not work the 14th, or the 15.  On the 16th, made a clinic visit and was hospitalized for ‘Cellulitis ’  Which is a staph or strep infection of a sort.  My best guess is that came from the dirt, doing a home project over the last weekend.  My first time hospitalized!

Its on my leg, like that example pic.  But mine is bigger.

The lesson here is, don’t do home repairs.

Time, it flows like a river…. damnit

My great aunt died.   Her father, my great grandfather William, who I did not know, was from the old country, Kalmar county Sweden.

I was reflecting a bit on Dolly, and I had a vision that I would live until I was 92.  I will be happy if that doesn’t turn out to be fanciful.  I turn 46 next month.

Jots with dots 10/10

SEO diary – Been working on my content on my enthusiast’s site. The goal is to have the best site, and by virtue of that, be the most obviously compelling destination for searchers. For a straight search of ‘Maguffin Six Shooter Co.”, there’s some improvement in my searchability. I’m in the 3 spot on Google and the 2 spot on Bing. There’s actually a perfunctory Wikipedia entry that takes the 1 spot, and that’s going to be hard to supersede. So that don’t count. I’m using the WordPress host with a more elegant domain name pointing to WordPress’ URL. Just learned, as awkward as those WordPress URL extensions are… you shouldn’t cloak them with a URL mask. It discourages the Google search spider.

Smart is overrated, grit is underrated. My dad’s word might be ‘moxie’. I agree, and I think it can be taught…. By failing a bunch of times and then succeeding. Age is a pretty decent enabler of that. But ya kind of lose energy as you age. It’s paradoxical, damnit.

Ya know, I haven’t cared prole mocking liberal bourgeoisie snobbery. Palin derangement is that and more. Um, the Palins don’t come off well here. Chivaly: I’ve done that thing where you let the mad drunk chick sock you in the face and don’t fight back (23, drunk myself, at a party. Glad those days are long gone). There’s some righteous instincts there, but the spectacle of taking the chick’s punch ain’t really worth taking the punch.

Thing is, to me and other conservatives it’s not intuitive at all that higher taxes on the rich would redress income inequality. So liberals might find this counterintuitive, but I don’t. Never mind rich conservatives. I don’t think rich liberals are prepared to pay taxes at a rate that actually mitigates wealth / income inequality.

Conservative outrage du jour: Cartagena. If you’re a liberal, what’s that rationale that excuses the coverup? Just that anything giving Republicans an electoral / political advantage is worse, cuz of, ya know Koch brothers / we’re better people because we’re pursuing egalitarianism / ends justifies the means?