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Wait, I thought it was the conservatives who were actually just like ISIS and the Taliban


She looks just like Khalid Sheik Mohammed holding up Daniel Pearl’s head there.



I’ve been busy and too ambivalent to blog…

And one thing is… ya know, my instinct is to critique the left.  And it remains critique-able, by golly.   But one just does not feel on high ground doing it in the age of Trump.

Anyway, the Castile murder trial starts today, and I may make it a matter of discipline to write about that.

What else we up to….

I need a car.  I want a Toyota 86 but it’s a two seater basically and completely impractical.  Honing in on Rav4’s but a used 4Runner or Corolla or Suburu WRX have not been ruled out.

Wait, I thought Trump was going to invoke martial law, ya know, with the military’s blessing…

No, there won’t be a military coup.  Not a military coup to save us from Trump, not a military coup with Trump’s blessing.

There’s not going to be any military coups.  I’ll put a bazillion dollars on that.

What’s likely:  Trump will lose the election in 2020 and leave office normally, “normally” having say a more elastic quality in this case…..

The Overton Window is open…

…a sliver right now, to the potentiality of impeachment

Bring on President Pence!

Side observation, related:  A notion I think is complete BS is the one where the members of the bureaucracy or other govt worker bees are afraid to challenge / investigate Trump because they are afraid they’d get fired.  They’re not.  No one is afraid of getting fired by Trump.


I’m not persuaded by facts that Obamacare saved the Purmorts from bankruptcy

This is a reasonably well known story by this point.  Local young man Aaron Purmort had a cancer battle and died.  His wife Nora is a skilled essayist, and was able to make that experience well known.  She’s become kind of prolific.  And quite political.

Just saying, as a matter of granular fact…. I don’t know that Obamacare made the difference in keeping the Purmorts from bankruptcy.  It’s not obvious to me that Aaron’s cancer treatment, in the pre Obamacare days, would have hit the lifetime cap on a typical BCBS style plan offered by an employer.

Ya know… maybe.  If he had nearly $1M in treatment and had a $1M cap, you got an argument.  If he had $450K in treatment and a $1M cap, you don’t.   If he had $450K in treatment and a $2M cap, you don’t.

So, shes not demonstrating to me that her point is true.

I’m more than vaguely in favor expanded and / or universal health care at this point.  I remain against baloney / bullshit argumentation, especially the kind that seeks to capture moral authority.


Comey letter, part bazillion:  My theory is, Hillary was ALWAYS going to lose, and this supports that

Hillary was sinking in Florida pre-Comey letter

You had a lot of people in Sept or October who weren’t acknowledging they were going to vote for Trump, while they were in fact never, ever going to vote for Hillary.

She was never going to win.  Never.

Of course, she had a chance all alongSome, small chance and potentiality.  But it required perfect execution that exceeded the skills of the risible crew in her campaign apparatus, and it required some luck.  And it required her to best the two term pendulum swing back to Republicans.

Whatever, yeah, Comey’s letter moved the voting needle.  But it was about the 15th most important thing .  It didn’t ‘cause’ Hillary to lose.

BTW, Comey was up on the hill the other day again, and he made a point I made here some weeks ago…  The Comey letter comes off the chaos chain started when Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch had their meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix.  It was an externality.