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97% consensus: with climate change, we’ll have more lightning strikes with mass casualties of ruminant herd animals

So sayeth Slate article:

I know he’s an environmental reporter and I’m not a scientist, but I think my discernment that that’s a pretty weak assertion is reasonable.


Colin Kaepernick bugs me…

…because football is a bad game and we need not deify men the men who play it for playing it.

I’m fine with him otherwise, he seems kind of earnest.

Art is my Weapon Buyback, gamed by the gunnies

Such that I’m all peace / love and wistful as I accept Hillary…. I’m not giving an inch in this area.  I approve of the gaming.

Couple things that are worth establishing in the name of truth….

There’s no way PUC distributed $25k in gift cards for gun buybacks like the Strib article states.



Ya know, PUC has the name ‘Pillsbury’ in it, and it’s like the casual reader is supposed to take an implication that big philanthropist $ went into this.  No.  PUC is a little urban non-prof with a neighborhood mission.  Maybe they got dedicated funding from a foundation up the ladder, but they don’t have $25k to spend on this or something remotely like this, as an operational rule they spend $ on their core functions.  Not. This.  Reality, $25k in good urban-non prof money doesn’t get made into a pile and set on fire OK, it doesn’t get allocated for a gun buyback.  Clincher of that truth: PUC page makes donation requests for gun buyback funds…. That’s a pretty big signal that identifies the buyback’s real funding mechanism.

So there is a bit of chatter on some local gunny boards on what transpired.  It seems that say the first 5 people in line at the respective north and south fire stations got compensated.  Which is to say, PUC accrued like $2000 or a little more in donations for the event and exchanged it for guns first come first serve…. and then they were out.

Most of the guns were scrap and junk, and such that they were, a lot of people didn’t bother taking them back home even though they wouldn’t get a gift card.  So it’s asserted the buyback collected a total count of about 150 guns (irrespective and conflated with the number of those actually paid…), and an extrapolated amount of $25k is transmitted through the undiscerning / unknowledgeable / dupe / collaborating reporter at the Star Tribune.

You go up there to that FOX story, and you got a picture of a zip gun a guy built to turn in… a section of cast iron water pipe that a 12g shotgun shell fits into, this taped to a pine 2 x 4 stock.  Guy apparently got one of the greater value gift cards for this thing, with the coppers acting as ‘safety officers’ apparently not offering any of their practical insight to the buyback people.

Its bullshit. You either believe PUC misspent $25k like this all day long or you believe it all petered out after a couple ridiculous transactions done as publicity stunt.  I don’t actually believe PUC misspent $25k in good money alright.  I don’t think that happens as a matter of reality.

Which is also to say, they didn’t run out of money as a function of demand or success.  They ran out of money because they barely had any to give out for buybacks in the first place.

We gunnies are very oppositional eh, and we claim we claim anti-gunners liars a lot… Well, they’re lying.

This moment must have been something because I keep hearing about it

I don’t listen to Rush now… haven’t in ten years or so… but I’ll cop to having say been educated by him in the 90’s, at which time his commentary was I think very arguably smart and true.  Really, there was very decent insight there….

Now I’m a busier man with a wiser, older head who could only tune in 10 minutes at a time every 12 or so weeks.  Doing that in the last year it was really weird to hear him cheerlead the Trump train cuz it’s so at odds with anything …. SMART.  And ya know, it didn’t take an extreme intellect to see this for the debacle it would be if allowed to progress to reality…  Kind of a low bar there, which Rush must have fell / degraded below at some point…



Mylan, of EpiPen fame, has its North American headquarters in Morgantown WV I see.  Morgantown has 30,000 people if Wikipedia is right.  College town too, must be a very prosperous little place.  Counter-intuitive ya know, cuz it’s in West Virginia, but I’m moved to a larger point that there’s a more than a few places like this…. Backwater towns that do quite well because of some big companies or industries, and yet these places are not very well known.

Some others, maybe:

St. George, Utah

Rochester, MN

Bentonville, AR (for reasons obvious)




Please Please let this stick

Trump is not on the ballot in Minnesota, and we’re about past the filing dealing.  Oops.

Alas, as a matter of norms and institutional accommodation and Hillary wining the state under any circumstance, I think this is something Secretary of State lets slide…. Trump will get on the ballot…  But it would be so great if he didn’t.