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I said that, 8/30/17 edition

Joel Osteen:

I’m not sure it’s an economic disaster if it causes $30 billion in new spending on construction material:


Jots w/ dots 8/29/17

Fine and dandy, I’m all for thoroughness, but the thing is it generally does not take the county attorney seven months to charge when a civilian kills another civilian

The day in sepsis news: In some ways I can’t believe I survived when I had cellulitis and sepsis, but one thing that happened was, when I showed up at the clinic the doctor said basically, “You’re sick as hell fella, you’re being admitted to the hospital”. I had some cultures and stuff that in some ways failed to come up with something specific. In the absence of that the doctors were pretty proactive it seems… pumped me full of antibiotics and cut my leg open to nose around in there.

As a matter of logic, I can’t imagine this is not true:

Here, we customize the blog for one of our two readers: John Danforth defending Republicanism from Donald Trump I woulda thought John Danforth doesn’t really care that much about Republicanism per se, ya know, such that it was just a vehicle for his centrism. I’m prepared to be schooled on that.

Harvey and the Rain

I might come off here as calloused because I don’t feel the necessity in this venue to pepper my lame brained musings with “pray for Houston” sentiments. Pray for Houston is a given, eh.

*** I was wondering about the insurance claim totals. Apparently, $30 Billion is the neighborhood you ponder. That is not a blip in the macro economy. Ya figure, or I figure, that $30 Billion in claim payouts might actually be somewhat stimulating. Broken windows economics. I wouldn’t say that one should pursuit that on purpose. But when it happens, it’s stimulating.

*** Joel Osteen. Seems like some people are jumping at a cheap opportunity to shame the man because they don’t like Christianity or his kind of (prosperity gospel…) Christianity. Ya know, whatever, he may be absurd in general, but it doesn’t obviously stand to reason that him or his facility can aide the situation.

*** Liberals worrying about Harvey causing gas prices to go up, even though liberals like high gas prices

*** Analysis: true. Climate change did not cause Harvey

*** 1965 flood was a big deal here before I was born. It’s to me curious that climate change hasn’t caused that to be surpassed in contemporary times.

*** Much of the Monday morning quarterbacking on this seems to identify a problem being that a city the size of Houston was built in the spot where Houston is. Just as with Katrina a city the size of New Orleans was built on the spot where New Orleans is. I’m short of having the brainpower to use my words to identify the fallacy there. But at least one thing is though, they’re asking for an alternate reality that wasn’t a serious choice in the preceding historical activity there…. Houston has this huge inland bayou that you can drive tankers and container ships through. It was going to be a good sized port city. New Orleans, same. Ya know, when New York gets a 10 trillion gallon rainstorm, as it will, someday, we’ll hear the same thing, that we should have built a city there. Ya know, you’re gonna have 5 million, 10 million population cities somewhere, it might as well be where they are.

.308 for 2017

Closed the books on the 2017 regular season yesterday. I went 1/3 to finish the season 12/39, .308. Last year I went 3/31, .097, and it was a weak .097 at that. My .300 avg this year was strong, with a lot of impressively struck baseballs. I did my best hitting ever. I had a .330 season with aluminum bats in 2001. I hit way batter than that this year.

My improvement had almost zero to do with improved conditioning. It was all method and mindset. The Molly (Molitor…) Swing and Zen hitting.

First 2 at bats yesterday, I hit it hard in the infield but they were outs. And I also had this nagging feeling that I was off my method, that I was enamored with my recent success and had started looking to pull too much / swing too hard. Third (final) at bat I decided I would chill out and get back to my rhythmic / zen thing.

Last pitcher had a very good fastball, he struck out a couple guys before and after me. Lots of belt high strikes though, I figured I’d have a bias to swing, and I’d give a little leg kick doing it. Boom, rocket out to center field, first pitch.

That easy. I am going to get in shape for my age 49 season though. I don’t have a broken down body, I bet I can get stronger for a good while, though I don’t expect to get faster on my feet.

When the end of 45’s reign comes…

I just looked up what happened to the Dow when Nixon was on his way out. Went down 42% over some period in 1973-74-75.

I don’t know how the Trump Presidency ends… could end suddenly at any time say or could end in Jan 2021… but I suspect the stock market will go up somewhat volatilely when it does. Not that its terrible now, but if one could actually count on an outlook for sanity…

Millennials don’t like softball apparently

Probably because its dumb.

It’s curious to me why the Strib is doing a PSA for municipal softball. Who cares / what’s the big deal if people don’t want to play it? Lightens up the demand for field space, and I doubt with reduced demand that there’s still enough softball / kiddie diamonds.

Adult baseball continues to … not suffer. I played St. Paul League baseball in the 90’s, then I started a team in the TCMABL league, the Ducks, in 2001. We were the eleventh team in the league at the time. Countem, they have … 40 … teams now. Talking about 600 guys there eh. Millennial hipsters are very well represented in the population. I’m probably the 2nd or third oldest guy on a roster, top 5 for sure.

Uncle Sugar: it costs what it costs

Yesterday I was moved to contemplate someone’s notion that the $5 trillion we spent on Iraq and Afghanistan could have been spent many times over on something else, like free college.

Ya know, I have 3 relatives and shirt tail relatives in DC in the military / working for the military. They are all pulling down well more than $100k with extravagant fringe benefits.

The money that funds them is indistinct or even is, actually, the money that went into Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m saying, the defense department and that whole ecosystem is going to get their money no matter what. The question is whether you have those people conduct a war, not whether you deprive them of their $5 trillion, because that is not going to happen.

IE, there is no war savings.