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Sanders triangulating on guns, BLM, and law & order politics  Something for everyone there.  He’s a lefty, trying to capture the (D) nomination from the left.  And here he tries to tack left on BLM and guns, which can be done without dissonance.  But then he’s all, we gotta have the best paid police….  That’s law and order pandering, a right ward move.  Now, I don’t know that gets the vote of anyone who’d reject Sanders bc he’s otherwise too lefty, and then I think it’s, yeah, dissonant to the granola / Chomsky-ites that are the core of Sanders following.  Its dissonance might be primarily instinctual, as the granolas are peaceniks and the Chomsky-ites are anti-hierarchy (and the police protect the hierarchy…).  But thing is, police are not underpaid, so there’s a matter of it not being true.  Urban and suburban policing is often a $85k job, and when it’s not that it’s often a $67.5k gig.  These guys are not underpaid, it would be nice if some truthful explanatory journalism got done on the topic

Jots w/ dots  8/31

This is perhaps stupid enough to be disqualifying:  Not that he was doing great anyway.

Conservative outrage dujour:  I can’t make myself get ginned up about this.  I have been to Alaska, know people there…. They all call it Denali…. And actually, I mighta been under the impression it already had been renamed.

Gun Show loophole / background checks  I observed this before… almost none of these infamous shooters are ever found to have used the second hand market, where exists the ‘gun show loophole’.  That’s because these infamous shooters are never real gun guys, and lack a couple things required to navigate the second hand gun market:  a) the sophistication and credibility to complete a private party gun deal with a stranger, probably a couple years worth experience swimming in the milieu, and b) cash.  They’re both important.  Armslist gun sellers are consistently skittish such that they’ll ignore you if you come off like a poseur or a hood.  But the money might be the more effective screen.  First, there is a tendency for sellers to ask retail prices for used stuff on Armslist, and not be receptive (downright hostile actually) to lower offers.  But the big thing is, you can’t buy a gun off Armslist via a credit card authorization like you can retail.  You want that Glock some guy in Plymouth has?  You’ll need $600 cash or whatever.  Which is not an insignificant amount of money to most people, a purchase like that requires a paycheck and then the ability to clear expenses from a succession of paychecks.  It’s got to be important / you have to value that / see the value to make it happen.  Just throwing it out there for sake of theory, but a barrier to entry into the gun world based on the ability to pay cash at the retail sales counter would probably be much more effective in screening dubious personalities than would background checks for the secondary market.



I can’t snark on this Roanoke shooting in a way that would deliver superior ironic observation.  So I won’t.

Note these observations:

…I do buy into this  but might like it better expressed as the psychology of marginalization and lashing out.  I guess, just cuz, I don’t think an actual masculinity deficiency is required to be under the self-perception that you have that deficiency…  There’s a lot of big bicep guys who swing those and their balls around with something to prove when they’d really need not.  And this bad cop thing in particular that we talk about is probably partly a function of that. I’d just say… the masculinity deficiency might correlate, but it’s weaker than some other mental things going on that might have to do with perceptions of marginalization / narcissism.

I’m mildly Asperger-ian, which for me is realized / understood by the necessity there has been to manage oddball  / misanthrope inclinations among groups of normal people.  Shed no tears though, its mild, and I have a lot of gifts too, self-awareness being one apparently.   So Vester Flanagan…. Yeah, he’s mentally ill.  But with Asperger’s / autism we are somewhat trained to understand the affliction there as varying in power by individual.  IE, there’s a range / a spectrum.  Ya know, Vester Flanagan lacked self-awareness, didn’t have a proper humility to understand he was the problem… but a lot of people have that, to degrees.  It’s just to say, this sort of mental condition probably exists on a range also right, and past a point it’s an ‘illness’.

So what am I doing here, teaching and being the student in my own psychology class.  I guess the point is, we’ll go a couple days bemoaning a lack of background checks… and besides that there’s no real lack there and that this guy passed one….   There’s no real way to screen for quirky people who might flare up someday if they haven’t been adjudicated before.  I’m not going to make extended points about how gun control can be logically opposed.  I’d just say, it might be proper for everyone to understand there’s only so much you can do, that there’s not a solution here.  And I don’t think I can be accused of being either defeatist or recalcitrant.   Generally, society is on an upward trajectory, violence is down, and such that it exists guns don’t cause it.  That’s Steven Pinker talking

Jots w/ Dots 8/28/15

I actually still think we have a Republican President come 2017, almost indifferent to what travails pass to get there. yes, an extended discussion on GC ends up being a loser for the Democrat candidate.  Regardless of what polls say about ‘gunshow loopholes’ and whatnot, that stuff doesn’t bring out voters in amounts to tip elections whereas it does bring out people who’d be opposed.

Right, there’s not  More than electorally, It’s a problem for liberalism because the idea of omnimpotent government is undermined.  “it’s also a stunning admission of defeat — a confession that when it comes to protecting Americans from deadly violence, the government is close to powerless to stop it.

This preceded Roanoke  Good, I think it will help if dealing these items is left to entities that are fortitudinally / avocationally equipped to do so.  Walmart ain’t that, and were making it into a lowest common denominator type thing if you get my drift.

Well, the rich got their taxes raised whereas the rest of us mostly did not  So they were ‘soaked’ as far as it goes that taxing the rich to pay for stuff is a tax argument / policy and an English language idiom.  That’s what Dayton did.  But I agree, it wasn’t a very big tax hike.  And so there, it was a success:  the tax hike paid for governmental stuff,  the economy remains robust here in MN, the sky didn’t fall.  Loveland is moving the goalposts a bit though, as he and others also argued for the tax hike because it was to ostensibly remediate income inequality.  That was complete BS / completely insincere, also because the rate and revenue capture was not significant enough to affect the rich’s taxes as percentage of income metrics.

The State Fair matters

I’m basically in support of BLM, right…

No less, as an aging white guy with anxiety over my ostensible loss of privilege…  I basically approve of their attention raising endeavors, like at MOA.

I think tactically, this is a bad idea:

Now, there’s a certain amount of white bourgeois obtuseness that rejects ‘Black Lives Matter’ ostensibly in favor of ‘All lives matter’.  Which is, as I said, to be a little obtuse and not get the point.  And if you’re BLM, you fight and agitate against that where you can.  Like at the Mall.   The Fair…this is different, I think you’d be tactically wise to respect Minnesota’s white bourgeois norms and not play into their inclination to stereotype your movement as basically ‘uppity’.  And overly uppity at that.  Be that cosmically unfair or not, ya know, I mean, I get the injustice of being told to not act in a way that will activate crude prejudices…  but I don’t think a Fair protest is smart, you won’t garner any sympathy out of your attention raising…  So know your audience and think about effect.  Strategery.

This thing about the vendor privileges at the fair… this is a lasting regional trope here where people think the booths are all in the hands of the old moneyed families, that they basically make bank during the fair and don’t have to work the rest of the year.  Me… I don’t think they take the rest of the year off…

Jots w/ dots 8/25

Silver foot in his mouth  1) I don’t think “anchor babies” is actually offensive.  It least it ought not be, whatever offense there is, it’s kinda contrived.  2) so Jeb coulda gotten away with a Trump-ian indignant objection here but 3) he’s not articulate.

French Medal of Legion, that’s kind of a nice thing to have on your resume.  Robust, vital young American guys there, the state of American manhood is perhaps not so deficient as we are told.   Handsome devils too, and diverse.  I see a buddy movie coming out of this.

President Rubio / I just don’t know if the country is ready to elect a sexless nag as President

The Kochs: nefarious right wing peacemongers

Yes  Chapman argues that Sanders isn’t actually much of a socialist, and that there is some distance between socialist and Democrat philosophies.  Meh.  Thing is, the Democrats are incapable of articulating limiting principles

China syndrome  I’ve never been less concerned about a market melt down in my life….  I don’t have advanced economic insight but if I had to guess, such that the Chinese have widespread valuation problems that necessitate downward share price corrections….  It’s because their enterprises weren’t profitable at a level befitting their size / superficial value or profitable at all, and that was because this notion of cheap mfg expenses in China was somewhat contrived, or at least could not permanently surmount the necessity of achieving real, meaningful profit someday.  IE, I know their labor prices are cheap but most of their expenses are denominated in amounts comparable to the rest of the worlds’.  They needed to be making more money on their commerce this entire time they were underselling everyone.

Straight outta Hudson

Saw it last night:  In Hudson.  Tuesday is $5 tickets at the theater there and they were doing good business all around, but this was the day’s top draw among a very white crowd.  Pretty good movie.  NWA’s heyday, 87-91, I was in college.  While I don’t listen to rap now, I did not ‘get it’ then.  Big thing was to sneer at the artistry, which was obviously ignorant on my part.  Hey, I was like 20.  I don’t think I sneer now.  What’s remained somewhat stylistically is the rappers embrace of the pro sports jersey as wardrobe.  I have raised eyebrows at that…they can do better and the pro teams don’t deserve the free endorsement.  I’ve never bought pro sports merch in my life.

Jots w/ dots 8/19

WalkerCare:  The administration, having lied their asses off to get PPACA passed and implemented, I’m kinda…. getting past this whole thing, seeing as it is in place and it does provide some more people coverage.  I don’t know that what that says about my mental diligence is flattering or not.  I don’t see Walker’s plan as superior to OCare, we’re quibbling about details.  BUT….  Such that his numbers don’t add up, the chortling by the lib/left wonk class is a little precious.  Really?  That’s a valid critique now?  Note also:  another thriving machine shop.  Its good business.

President Rubio:

What do morons want?

Little mom and pop hosting company:  There’s some astonishment that Hillary choose THIS hosting company, with people reading ulterior motives into her rationales or that the hosting company was sufficiently hooked in with donors.  There’s hokeyness with the server no doubt, and it would be my desire to see her prosecuted for mishandling documents like someone of less stature would be, but let’s not make mundane attributes into the malevolent.  The WJC foundation there has an office guy who set up the email.  What you do is, you buy a domain name and contract for hosting service at a couple hundred bucks a year.  There’s a zillion companies to choose from, a lot of which are kind of mom and pop.  This office guy chose one that was top of mind to him for whatever reason.  That’s your explanation, and it’s not a dark explanation.

I’ve said that, it’s good to be a tech worker.  And it’s good to be one here.

I said that:

‘Real communism’ hasn’t failed, it’s just not really been tried yet.  The academic author there posits that big data might fulfill central planning’s promise to provide basic material necessities for all.  Ya know, I don’t think central planning’s failure to provide basic material needs is communism’s biggest demerit per se.  It’s the police state and army apparatus you need brutalizing the population to even attempt it.  Which this guy is apparently fine with.  Gotta break some eggs right…

Hitler of the week:  Morewood and the U’s executive search firm

It’s becoming habit for me to take the side of the bad guy based on exculpatory technicalities and thus be dismissive of whatever public outrage.   But, its consistently I think because the technical stuff is important, and these journalists are blind to nuance in constructing their stories to appeal to said outrage.

So Teague in Virginia was ‘witness’ say to a discrimination claim whose hook was Title IX, right.

And he didn’t disclose that to his executive recruiter, and the recruiter didn’t disclose that to the U.  Is that unethical?

I don’t think so, I certainly doubt it was legally incorrect.

Teague probably wasn’t a defendant in the lawsuit, it was his employer.  Yeah, you can ponder the absurdity that removes personal liability he may have had in creating VCU’s Title IX problem such that it was litigated, but fact is he’s shielded and he wasn’t the defendant.  He doesn’t have to acknowledge it when a recruiter asks.

Should he have acknowledged it even if he didn’t have to?  I think it’s unreasonable to ask / expect a job candidate to self-disclose something they’re not legally responsible for and under no legal obligation to disclose.   That’s not the way the job market works, that’s not normative

Last…. we got kind of a self-righteousness after the fact thing going on here.  I bet being privy to a Title IX suit in recent years hasn’t actually disqualified candidates like Teague.  Title IX suits are common, often mundane collegiate institutional conflicts, and you’d disqualify a lot of people if you limited yourself to a pool of the unsullied.  Which is to say the recruitment firm wasn’t malfeasant in not screening robustly for this such that they had no reason to ask Teague this question in context to disqualifying him.  Anyway, now we know what we know, Title IX disputes are indicative of unsuitable candidates right?  That can be a future search criteria.  Talking to you there, Board of Regents / Search Committee.  Good luck.

Jots w/ dots 8/18

When the dentist poached:  There’s got to be more of a back story, but this was not ambiguous.  Dude is not classy.

It’s curious as well…. These pictures come from a FOIA request apparently.  With the DOJ investigations on the IRS and Benghazi and Fast and Furious, you get the impression fulfillment of FOIA requests take years.  This one looks like it only took a few days.  That’s amazing, I wonder why that is?

I agree with this intuitive / counterintuitive notion  If there’s to be a choice between Beck and Hannity, I take Beck.

I agree with this intuitive / counterintuitive notion  IE, that however much of a whip cracking rock quarry Amazon might be, that sort of workplace conflict is ameliorated by the fact you can push tech people only so far lest they go work for someone else.  Replacing people is expensive.

Oh bullshit

Oh Bullshit

Many have hazy, romanticized notions of the time when their German ancestors came to America.  Says Conor with the Teutonic last name  Yes, it would be hazy for me.  I don’t know why the Germans came, I’m not under the impression they were starving like the Irish and the Scandinavians.  But I’ll guess it was because feudalism / the guilds sucked nonetheless.  But I don’t get the Germanic thing with all the fiefdom states prior to 1871, don’t know how that worked.  I’m a little Prussian and then maybe that frenchy kind of German from down south, such that it can be traced.