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Jots w/ dots 7/28/17

ACA Repeal is dead, long live ACA Repeal I am now pro-ObamaCare, but I do think there’s a danger for it to be unfair that Democrats react to every effort at reform with such apocalyptic shrieking. Now, maybe it’s not unfair here, given the intentions of Republicans or their incompetence, ie, the chance that they just F things up. But the PPACA is going to need to be adjusted at some point and I don’t actually see that elimination of the individual mandate should be off the table. I don’t see that healthy, unsubsidized ratepayers are kicking in that much premium now, I think the system can probably get by without them…. My wife has a client who must be very Trumpy, because this week she comes from work and asks sort of awkwardly, “Did John McCain consort with the North Vietnamese or something…?” Way to get me started on a 15 minute lecture. “Fuck..No…And where did you hear that?”… Anyway, if they would have gotten McCain’s vote on skinny repeal they could have had a tie that Pence could break. It’s just an incredible thing that enough the R votes can’t be whipped, the chaos.

Analysis: True This Mooch guy thing is the damndest thing I can think of. So, Reince is / was a serious person right? Why does he stay?

Analysis: seems to be pretty true, kind of describes me and my ilk that come from the white ethnic (Irish people…) Catholic diaspora in this country.

Trans Army People Here’s a thing: A qualitatively serious case could be made, and made without bias, that the military should be able to bar people who don’t have their gender sorted out because it’s a distraction / because medically they are high maintenance. But, ya know, Trump and the Administration are not qualitatively serious people so one can not take them as if they make a real argument there anyway… This is kind of a sop to the fundies though right, and isn’t really a rational thing.


I’m my old company’s now hot ex-girlfriend

Yesterday makes it into my top 100 of days. Put it between 90 and 100.

This spring I gigged into a hardware / firmware / software verification and validation project at say “Walleye State Mining and Manufacturing”. Huge, old, successful company. They are big on sandpaper but have some higher tech product lines….

Well I was ready to love it because the commute is short and I have an emotional, legacy attachment to the company, but the pay was bad and it went horseshit to boot. One of the things was, Walleye State there is a kind of a stodgy old engineering / design company. And they weren’t really practicing contemporary project management. They were winging it and paying lip service to modern project methodology. Morning standup, but no actual sprint / task planning. Fine for them to go through the motions but my vendor was getting paid based on this contract test team of us 3 people meeting service level agreement date milestones, and Walleye State couldn’t have cared less about delivering finished code on time.

So, you get into this game where Walleye State delivers code late and we pretend to validate it in a quarter or eighth of the time we were allotted for testing. Fine, we’ll pretend, b/c customer is always right…. As a timesaving measure, we were reusing tests for a superficially identical product the company had made, but for this new functional incarnation these tests were awkward / irrelevant to the point of uselessness. They didn’t execute the functional points people believed they were supposed to, and didn’t demonstrate anything.

The two biddies I was working with had been there a few weeks longer than me, and outwardly had an appearance of being able to navigate this mess. Me, less so… in fact I’m sure I frequently had the appearance of confusion. So on a day in May when my company’s relationship manager and practice manager were acutely worried about meeting the SLA and getting the big invoice paid, they thought they needed to be bold and take action and make changes. That was me, I was removed from the project. Which means, ‘fired’.

It was an abrupt thing, and I knew I didn’t really deserve to be fired and that it wouldn’t solve the problems they thought it would. But because of experience and wisdom I was prepared as I needed to be. I left, no drama, no arguments, hardly a word. Did not offer a critique of the project, my co-workers, just left (….And got a way better job in a couple weeks).

Move on, just be like a dog, kick some grass on that shit and move on…. Now you can do that, and should, just like all the Bloomberg and Forbes and Fast Company self-help articles tell you, but it’s not without its stresses. Being unemployed is the big one, but you also always go through a little of the self-doubt thing, like, why was it me who was the fuck-up there, why can everyone else cope but not me, why am I the square peg…

Well, in kind of a stunning occurrence that just never ever happens…. I find it wasn’t me, my old employer knows they panicked and made a bad decision. Yesterday I’m walking in the public corridor of the new place, I hear “Zingy! Hey Zingy!”. And it’s the relationship manager guy from the last gig. I knew he had people placed here among the army of contractors. First thing he says to me is, “hey we had to remove Biddie #1 (my old lead) at Walleye State, and we figure you might have gotten thrown under the bus a little.” IE, by her.

I literally had to say ‘excuse me, I’m a little startled to see you here…’ because I couldn’t like, talk. I found some words though and we ended up having a 3 minute conversation, in which I said “no worries, I landed on my feet.”

He says, “I didn’t really have any doubt about that”. Which I feel acknowledges one of my best qualities. I like to feel I’m very resilient. I’m looking to blend a metaphor or idiom here in a snappy way, IE, “I’m so resilient being thrown under a bus doesn’t hurt me.” Doesn’t really work though.

Anyway, vindicated / validated. Karmically, I’m sure it’s because I wasn’t looking for it.

The other thing I’m sure they get is, I got like 25 more years of billing ahead of me. Millions of F-ing dollars. You don’t just let that walk out the door because you have a moment where you need to look boldly managerial. Now I’m billing for someone else.

On Damond: “Self-Interested reasoning” is supposed to be an explanation for people’s racial perceptions he re…

There’s two racial angles going:

First, the say progressive notion that the reaction over the Damond shooting has overshadowed every other because Damond was a blonde white woman. And ya know, society cares more about blonde white women than anyone else…

Second, the progressive observation about conservatives that they have abandoned their defense of police here because they are foremost racists and Noor is a Somali.

Both are supposed to be explainable by a contemporary phenomenon of self-interested reasoning that afflicts all. This is explained here:


One anecdote the “people care now b/c Damond is a blonde white woman” argument hangs on is her family attorney Robert Bennett observing that she was the most innocent police victim ever. Which would be to say, more innocent than demonstrably innocent Philando Castile and Frank Baker (cop dog attack victim in St. Paul…).

Well, its awkward phrasing from Bennett, but thing is the police interactions with Castile and Baker were understood by the police to be suspect interdictions at the time they were going on. Wrongly understood, but understood that way nonetheless. So they approached these guys ready to kill/maim.

The Damond incident lacked for a suspect at all, really…. You just had two cops cruising an otherwise calm neighborhood with their guns out, ready to go to code Red (fight).

It’s to say, people are not more outraged over the Damond case because she was a blonde white woman. It’s because the details are more egregious.

On the other side…. if you love cops and law and order, Noor has given you nothing to make an argument for… that’s the obvious thing. But there is a bit of plain bigotry that is divorced from any factual observation of the case (the Bachmann / Coulter element, affirmative action yada yada).

I say again, meh… The bigotry angle fails an evaluation for self-interested reasoning because it’s not reasoning at all.

48 year old fat man moved to cleanup spot in lineup

Goes 2/4

I have been hitting 9th on this team since I joined last year. As a function of, not hitting at all in 2016. Went 2/35 on 2016 or something.

Guy tells me yesterday “Let’s try you 4th”, which would be a response to my more recent thing of hitting two line drives a game down the left field line.

Hit two singles, lines drives to left. No RBI’s. We had difficulty with this pitcher generally, who was tossing it up there like 66 mph. Ball had a bit of arc on it, like hitting, as they say, with a wet newspaper.

Now: .318 BA, 7 for 22

Played 7 innings of right field, survived.