Today’s news in graft and patronage

Hunter Biden discharged from the Navy for cocaine use.

Ya know, I do not have craven contempt for people afflicted with bad judgment or worse like this, and that’s not the thing here anyway.  It’s that that the days to take an assignment like that were behind a guy like Hunter Biden.  He’s too old.  That he did was some combination of rainmaking for his firm or establishing a public service record with say an emphasis on the military or foreign affairs.

Anyway, I’m surprised a few ‘understandings’ or phone calls didn’t ‘clear it up’.  But it he’s not himself a big donor.  Not like the Dach’s

The elder there crossed over from government to public sector a couple times.  Last stint as an executive counsel at Walmart he probably earned himself an amount in the low tens of millions, ya figure.  He’s Horatio Alger compared to his son, who now apparently has a $100k fake job doing women’s issues at the state department despite having been implicated in the Cartagena prostitution scandal.

And of course, Chelsea Clinton was recently bringing in $600k at NBC and convinced she was earning it.

So, this is not ‘corruption’, we want to reserve that for bribery and back scratching of some scale in most ways.  It’s grafty nepotism.  But this should still be very much at odds with principles off ‘good governance’ that liberals claim for themselves.  Conservatives say this is rampant, and the liberals are hypocrites.  Liberals will say, no of course not …    and a rebuttal is kinda absurd, you wonder how they can do that with a straight face.  I think it’s some sort of prosperity gospel / purchase of indulgence variant.  They figure if they are working in furtherance of progressive egalitarianism, it’s not wrong that they bring along the kids to dip their beaks.


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