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Jots with dots 2/27

There’s another obvious answer here that’s both reflective of the truth and exculpatory. That is, that the Clinton’s marriage is a sham (…certainly by most people’s standards). And with the foundation being Bill’s deal, there’s no way Hillary’s influence could be bought by Bill’s donations. That’s all she has to say eh?

The scandal free Obama administration:

Patricia Arquette, good lookin 68er Somehow I don’t think Hollywood is going to be down with this Lily Ledbetter II thing where all the companies report their M/F salaries to a DB that trial lawyers can troll.

Net neutrality My very first comment on this. On its face, when they say now like how Netflix et al will be prevented from paying for fast lanes, as will anyone and everyone…. I’m not sure what the wisdom is in that. Uh, why not let them pay for fast lanes? But anywho, I’m not apocryphal.

I would imagine the ACLU feels similar

Sub-prime auto loans are trendy apparently Know what? I have one. My credit is damaged somewhat from 2009-2011. At the time I defaulted on a Sears card and had some late pays on the mortgage. In hindsight, might have been managed with more urgency, IE kickin myself. But fact is this is a one-earner household that was under economic stress during the downturn. Anyway, felt we could step up and afford the payments on a decent car last summer. We can, but the underwriting was a bitch. F’ing “Santander”, I feel like a dreg. 9% ain’t credit card interest, but it’s pricey. I wanted the wife to have a car, and me to have my Corolla back, so I took the loan. Looking for my credit score to nose up closer to 700 this summer, and I think a credit union will refi that note.


Bullet Grabbin

This broke free of the gunny press and made the NY Times. So it’s on its way to being a real political fight.

The article is incomplete, purposefully ya figure. The objection raised by the gunnies is made ambiguous to the point that people who can read aren’t to be made aware enough to make a judgment who’s right.

That objection is that the ban undertaken based on administrative powers delegated to concern armor piercing bullets for handguns…. is used here to ban the M855, which is not armor piercing, and not a handgun cartridge. The action relies on fanciful new interpretations of what it means to be armor piercing and what it means to be a handgun cartridge, these interpretations being well outside normative administrative procedure and case law.

So figure, ‘lawless’ is not used hyperbolically here.

Practically speaking, these cartridges are not a threat to be used in AR pistols against police. I mean, besides them not actually being ‘armor piercing’… there’s just no statistical basis for which you can make that claim. IE, no statistical basis as in none, 0.000. If there’s been an incident with these attributes, no one’s ever reported it. With that, the safe bet is the NRA will prevail politically or in court then. Much as we like to think otherwise, it’s hard for gross stupidity to persist in the law, especially when loud voices raise hell about it.

So why do it, why undertake a stupid political trolling exercise that’s going to get turned back? Gamesmanship, boundary pushing, acquiescence to your political patrons…. Just to say, it’s not exactly this good government and common sense public policy priciples the administration claims they adhere to.

Jots with dots 2/26

Jots with dots 2/26

Public intellectual: Yeah he did that for about 30 seconds. He really showed Zimmerman there didn’t he.

Douthat argues the equivalency of Bush and Obama derangement… And as they say destroys Ezra Klein!

Chait is right. The administration is going to lose King v Burwell it’s not going to DESTROOOOOY Obamacare. As they say.

I said that. wire to wire, as they say. He’s not damaged by this last week, he’s stronger if anything.

Jots with dots 2/25

Hey Gallup and Pew have polls showing liberals are less patriotic. So figure it’s reasonable to assume there’s a threshold for which that lack of approval for American commercial and military power translates into “Un-American-ness”. So we can have that discussion about what’s within and outside of that threshold? Or what’s closer to popular norms. Amirite?

Yes, they are. Union ranks being what they are these days, I don’t actually even know any Democrats in unions. Yeah, I guess I can say I ‘know’ some teachers, but that’s the crux of the biscuit actually. Most unions are public employee unions. You know…

Atheist guy: maybe we should ditch the obnoxious misanthrope shtick

Dick Cheney and other racist conservatives have been running Chicago apparently:

Just kidding, Democrats run Chicago, so I’m sure it’s perfectly all right.

Wire to wire: Jeb is not going to be the nominee. Money is fine, but primary voters gotta vote for ye.

Jots with dots 2/24

Re O’Reilly v Williams. I ended up listening to a Hugh Hewitt interview of David Corn last night. Ya figure, being sympathetic to O’Reilly would be an untenable position amirite. Hewitt wanted to make an oblique point about O’Reilly claiming Buenos Aries was something of a ‘Falklands war zone’ might be less of an aggrandizement than Williams claiming to be shot down in a helicopter. And also, that Mother Jones’ motivation was purely tit for tat. As I say, you’d think this was a nothing argument, or an unwinnable one. But David Corn had an unbecoming melt down over it when he might have come off better just answering the questions.

Dog Whistling: Walker’s complete quote is in here, and I defy anyone to read it and assert that he’s the one doing the dog whistling. As a guy with brass testicles, this guy has been remarkable for his lack of bombast. I’ll go further to say, if this guy was malevolently antagonistic he would have lost a re-election and his ascendancy as a public official would be over. He’s got a unique temperament.

In this world where everyone peddles unpersuasive irony, I thought this was a compelling observation, and one that I’d not heard before. No doubt it’s because of all those Republican big city district attorneys.

Ivory ban – This could use another post. My original one is outdated, and yet it still gets a lot of hits. So where are we? Not much has happened. USFWS did confiscate a 14 year olds antique mandolin at one point, though I think we still lack for an announcement that the new rules are in effect. The pistol grip business, which I have enormous experience in, continues to offer ivory panels cut from pre-1989 tusks. Such that there might be an enforcement action, Collin Peterson has a bill out, along with a Republican sponsor. Ya figure, bi partisan support is the name of the game, but why Collin Peterson for the Democrat? Stands to reason in a way. Gun collectors are among those whose ox is to be gored. I’ve found prosperous farmers to be among the most accomplished gun collectors. Peterson’s district is the Red River Valley, where they have prosperous farmers. The whole thing has not had a high enough news profile to draw local news commentary.

Naysayers on Minnesota Exceptionalism: you guys aren’t so great, you’re like a cold Alabama….

The original Atlantic article’s comment thread devolved pretty quickly. Steve Sailor, who is what… kind of a longtime nationally renowned race troll… leads the way, saying essentially ‘stands to reason Minneapolis is nice, it’s all white people up there.’ Which is crass at best.

But then you got Washpo, who makes that argument in a more academically respectable way…. IE “Northern European ethnic homogeneity means Minneapolis has never dealt properly with the conflicts brought by racial diversity, and it’s fails now to the extent it tries…” My paraphrase.

You know me, the recalcitrant conservative…. I am going to stand on my non-epidemiological, know it when I see it gut instinct here and say…. The Twin Cities are exceptional for a certain prosperity and pleasantness, and that both commercially and governmentally most things go right. To deny that on its face would be to… be some kind of unworldly denialist.

And the understanding of our exceptionalism does have a scholarly underpinning. The Politico article that ranked MN first comes from a blend of many meaningful quality of life indexes.

So what’s to be made of how poorly minorities are doing here? I don’t know. I do believe in such a thing as structural racism. Structural racism might bar minorities from opportunities in the way naysayers say . But I will posit something else, and this possibly having the feel of ignorant bloviating.

Understand first, the mid-20th century ethnic homogeneity of Minnesota is a fact, it was very much that way. And then grant that the way you’d like to see generational progress is a familial ladder climb from say poor, blue collar labor to educated white collar middle class affluent. My (white) family did that in MN over say the 30’s thru the 80’s. I think some multitudes of white families did that here.

Here’s my un-academic, bloviating, speculation: Most ‘original’ (for real lack of a better term that captures the nature of somewhat homogenous European settlement here since the 1850’s) white Minnesota families completed that transformation, and middle class abundance in MN was achieved so consistently that we wouldn’t have hardly any poor people left at all if we didn’t import them. And so we imported them. Black people from Chicago, who wanted to escape Chicago because it’s got hell hole ghettos. Hmongs from Laos who were refuges from the war. Somalians from Somalia who were refugees from the war.

Now it’s fair and a duty to acknowledge structural racism, but the other thing going on is that most of Minnesota’s minorities are relative if not true newcomers, and a couple generations behind on the social progression that might be expected from migration.

Just to say… I think this naysaying is a bit excessive. Minnesota is fairly fiscally liberal, with a reasonably generous social safety net and education spending. I can’t imagine we fail to do something here out of some xenophobic malevolence whereas some other city or state succeeds because they don’t have that regional character flaw.

Jots with dots 2/23

“Un-American” And the Zingy position is, we’d like to be able to have that dispassionate, brainy public conversation about how it is that desiring to transform America’s commercial vitality into something opposite of what it’s been, its world leadership position into something opposite of what’s it’s been, its general standard of living into something diminished because its exploitive at its essence and causes climate change… is something other than a ‘love’ for America as we have been right to understand the concept in the past. IE, the inner dialogue of the Democrat party is kind of kook lefty Marxist academic, and doesn’t Venn overlap all that well with traditional American values / ideals of baseball, apple pie, Chevy and whatnot. But we also know that the political environment doesn’t tolerate a discussion of those contrasts without a lot of caterwauling in which the discussers are accused of red-baiting. So if you’re going to bring it up, you better be prepared to host that polly sci seminar it requires to make it stick. And Giuliani is not that guy. So yes, he’s wrong to say it…

Giuliani’s polly sci seminar. True. But you’re no allowed to say that, Rudy. It’s red-baiting.

I was clued into this Holden Caulfield thing years ago. It’s why I always use the word ‘misanthropy’ in describing this superficial high info / low wisdom lefty obnoxiousness. ‘Misanthrope’ is Caulfield-esque that way

Doesn’t Bill Maher question whether the President is a Christian? And that’s the inner dialogue conversation of the Democrat party right, that the President is posturing like on gay marriage… See, TPM is dog whistling its readership here. Walker is blowing the question off, but TPM phrases it as if Walker is being provocative.

What is the deal with Walker, is he going to go wire to wire on this thing? It has that feel.