Kershaw v Adams

I haven’t seen Kershaw a lot. He’s supposed to be great, right? I swear, just before that HR I was saying to myself, boy that curveball looks a bit lazy. Which is to say, lazier than I would have figured for a great pitcher.

Very lazy horizontal arc on that last one.


2 thoughts on “Kershaw v Adams

  1. pm1956

    Clearly the Cardinals seem to have his number, at least in the post season.

    It really is hard to say exactly what is going on. His stats during the regular season are exemplary, yet in both games against the Cardinals, pitching in the seventh, against the same spot in the order, he either fell apart, or was taken apart. Did the batters rise to the occasion? Did he fail in the clutch?

    i don’t know. But this ability to create interesting narratives to explain what may be really inexplicable (or just chance) is one of the things I love about baseball.

  2. Erik Petersen Post author

    I’m going to do a Mr. know it all plus a ‘back in my day thing’ here. Spinning a belt high frisbee curveball is not a mistake Greg Maddux would have made. If Maddux ever made a mistake like that in that situation, I can not remember it.

    Kershaw is like the Adrian Peterson of pitchers, he has that kind of physical skill set. But it’s hard, fast, hard, fast. All power, and when it stops working it stops working quick.

    Greg Maddux would have thrown that guy 5 low changeups in changeups in a row.


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