Jots with dots 10/10

SEO diary – Been working on my content on my enthusiast’s site. The goal is to have the best site, and by virtue of that, be the most obviously compelling destination for searchers. For a straight search of ‘Maguffin Six Shooter Co.”, there’s some improvement in my searchability. I’m in the 3 spot on Google and the 2 spot on Bing. There’s actually a perfunctory Wikipedia entry that takes the 1 spot, and that’s going to be hard to supersede. So that don’t count. I’m using the WordPress host with a more elegant domain name pointing to WordPress’ URL. Just learned, as awkward as those WordPress URL extensions are… you shouldn’t cloak them with a URL mask. It discourages the Google search spider.

Smart is overrated, grit is underrated. My dad’s word might be ‘moxie’. I agree, and I think it can be taught…. By failing a bunch of times and then succeeding. Age is a pretty decent enabler of that. But ya kind of lose energy as you age. It’s paradoxical, damnit.

Ya know, I haven’t cared prole mocking liberal bourgeoisie snobbery. Palin derangement is that and more. Um, the Palins don’t come off well here. Chivaly: I’ve done that thing where you let the mad drunk chick sock you in the face and don’t fight back (23, drunk myself, at a party. Glad those days are long gone). There’s some righteous instincts there, but the spectacle of taking the chick’s punch ain’t really worth taking the punch.

Thing is, to me and other conservatives it’s not intuitive at all that higher taxes on the rich would redress income inequality. So liberals might find this counterintuitive, but I don’t. Never mind rich conservatives. I don’t think rich liberals are prepared to pay taxes at a rate that actually mitigates wealth / income inequality.

Conservative outrage du jour: Cartagena. If you’re a liberal, what’s that rationale that excuses the coverup? Just that anything giving Republicans an electoral / political advantage is worse, cuz of, ya know Koch brothers / we’re better people because we’re pursuing egalitarianism / ends justifies the means?


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