I don’t get what it means to be of German heritage and rilly rilly love your German-ness

Ya know, it just seems amorphously / ambiguously central European. So I’m lost as to what traits these Germany lovers are latching on to.

Most of my German peeps were here before 1871… were people actually using the word “Germany” before Bismarck?

Gross, Paul, Bauer surnames, maybe even … Marx. I think we have Prussia, Bavaria and that Frenchy Ardennes area covered. They all married into Irish Catholic families here and I think the German-ness got kind of usurped in the lineage. Same exact thing with my wife. Such that I have a pretty darn Scandinavian surname, she has the most German maiden surname evah, several guttural Germanic participles in it.  But what she is culturally is Irish Catholic from the St. Paul diocese. As am I. We celebrate St. Patrick’s day. I can’t think of anything we do to celebrate our German-ness.

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The wages of dad-bod



End of High school: 5’ 11, 145

20 years ago: 160

6 years ago: 170

Now (48) : 215

I have shoulders and biceps now that I never expected to have, along with a great big pot belly. I’m going to bike off the pot belly. Men my age shouldn’t run, you expose yourself to the risk of the ventricle splitting heart attack.

I was on to this: In these times, we are not automatically afoul of Godwin’s law


***There’s a picture of the alt-right guys in Charlottesville on Friday night. It’s the one where they are in white polo shirts and holding tiki torches.

I see this picture and can’t help but think… these are guys who don’t do well with girls, and this explains their drift into white nationalism. IE, their main malfunction is they can’t get chicks, and the alt –right explains that away for them in a way that absolves their deficiency there. … Let’s be real, if these guys got chicks their overall behavior be somewhere closer to normal socialized people.

***yeah, these guys are trying to provoke a war or something, and they are abhorrent… but they are also pathetic, and I think they are probably maxed out at a few ten thousand pathetic dudes around the country. I am not sure that antifa confronting them is a better tactic than ignoring them

***The President: bad president / bad person. This is all easy calls from top to bottom, and he gets it wrong every time.

***I’ve been mulling this since before the weekend. Still think Lilla is correct https://www.vox.com/2017/8/15/16089286/identity-politics-liberalism-republicans-democrats-trump-clinton

NRA kinda crosses my line in the sand

I was probably more than OK with La Pierre’s “jack-booted thugs” and “good guys with guns”. Not OK with this.


This Loesch is a bit of another rw dragon lady.

I’ve been a dues scofflaw anyway as a 2nd amendment absolutist, have been free riding basically. I dunno, it’s probably that I don’t believe 2A rights are in any real danger, I don’t feel the urgency. But they call, ya know, probably every 3 months…. they are basically one of the only entities that still has my land line number… and they ask for their $35 bucks… and I like my $35…. And there’s no way they are going to educate me in the course of a conversation…. so I hang up on them.

Now I have a better reason!

This is not true, however. A bit hyperbolic.