You can put it this way on Franken

He’s getting railroaded…

He’s getting railroaded in this moment of puritanism.

I agree, completely. I don’t like him, I know he’s a dick of a certain kind, and yet…. This is all a bit much.


Does he stay or does he go?

Somehow or another I do think Jones defeating Moore in Alabama is dependent on Dems making Franken resign. Don’t know if they can, but… If ‘things are going to change’, and this new cultural standard can be enforced, there is a great deal riding on whether Democrats are not to be hypocrites, certainly on the first chance they get.  UPDATE: I said that, Goldberg’s last two paragraghs

But I don’t know that Franken ought to resign, right. He was a creep there. But with the picture of him air cupping Tweeden’s chest, that’s the joke… that he’s being a creep. Seriously, I can see that. The rehearsal tongue kiss, if it happened, might also have been a creep joke rather than being creepy itself. IE, being provocative…. Creep humor right. This is a thing.

Worst case, I think it’s only excessive puritanism of this moment that makes his resignation seem like the corresponding tat for this tit eh (boy am I proud of this piece of word construction). If this moment were at all dominated by level headed thinking, I don’t think you seriously contemplate his resignation.  UPDATE I was trying to say this too

But it’s probably also right that the picture makes Franken the presumed loser against a good GOP candidate in 2020.

So ya know, his resignation would do a lot of good for the Dems, provided anyone can make him do it.

The wages of my alzpergers

I sold some grimy used gub parts on ebay for $35, but accidentally sent the guy a $200 set of handcrafted antler grips that was earmarked for someone else.

So, he’s like “hi, this was sent in error, and I need those parts” … and I authed his return…. But he’s dragging his feet on sending those grips back to me, cuz he knows there worth way more than what he paid.

I don’t care if he keeps the grips I made for the $35 he paid … that’s where I’m at in life… but I’m not lifting another finger on the matter unless they come back.

The wages of resignation

Yeah, Franken probably should resign…

…particularly if Dems want to be able to make their point about Roy Moore and have it stick. And make that point about any other R that comes along, and have it stick.

But who’s going to make him resign if he doesn’t want to? There’s no obvious capo to an obvious party leader that can make him resign.

He won’t.

More Franken harassment stories to come apparently.

Its interestesting…. Like I alluded, I think almost everyone in the world knew already that he’s an ass.

In terms of senatorial effectivieness, judged non-partisanly… I think he’s formidable and effective, far superior to Auntie Amy.

Who’s boxed in:  The Strib and Mark Dayton, who just called for Tony Cornish and Dan Schoen to resign over very similiar.

The day we were all shocked to learn Al Franken is a dick

Look, he’s got an explanation…. He was trying to be funny when he subsequently tried to humiliate the actress for complaining about the tongue kiss during rehearsal.

Cmon, ‘funny’, amirite?

They are talking resignation on Twitter.

I think that’s premature. I think the potentiality he could ride this out and defeat his next Republican opponent is substantial, if not 50/50. So why resign.

If it happened, apparently the Twitter favorites for a Dayton appt to the senate are Tina Smith and Ilhan Omar.

Uh, the latter is CERTAINLY NOT going to happen under any circumstance. She’s a lightweight and a liar, and would get exposed as both and lose the seat.

McConnell wants a Senate sex harassment review. Which would be entertaining

BTW way, if I were to have a tip board or bingo board betting on men to be revealed as cads / indiscreet, ya know who I would not hesitate to put on it for sort of a long odds payout? Barack Obama… not that he’s not classy, but he would have needed extraordinary discipline to not take up with some of the amount of women that must have thrown themselves at him the last 12 years.  He’s got exceptional qualities, but most men don’t have that discipline in that circumstance.

Update:  also talking Ellison as replacement, if it happened.  Nope, wouldn’t be him, probably wouldn’t be a man.  Ya know, it would be Tina.  If it happened, which it wont.