We win again

Public Safety Bill SF878 signed by Gov. Dayton moments ago.  Silencers legalized in MN, among other things in the bill.

That’s quite the thing, such that there was a pretty defiant veto threat over silencers from the Gov. in the last few weeks.

Update:  ya know, we have crappy news reporting around here.  I was looking for news on the public safety bill with the suppressors in it, and find this:  http://blogs.twincities.com/politics/2015/05/22/dayton-signs-four-budget-bills/  In there is a detail that implies Gov. Dayton did not make good on his veto threat because the bill was adjusted re his veto threat, ie “scaled back”.

Well, this was news to me and I follow things in the news with better than casual diligence.  So I searched to find the nature of this ‘scaling back’

Apparently there were some penalties for criminal misuse of suppressors that were codified, maybe in conference.   http://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=72a021a0-8b9f-43b8-8ea0-a57be1555696  Which is not to say, really, that suppressor legalization within the state was ‘scaled back’.  But whatevs, it allowed Dayton to save face with some low-info people within the Democrat coalition.

If I get a suppressed piece it will be a vintage Colt Woodsman or High Standard HD-MIL… like something a WWII OSS guy would have had.  Fits my personality, I don’t like the Germans and I shoot .22’s

Our hot and dry future with global warming…

So as I shared earlier, TPM is pretty sure the future that global warming brings us will be exactly like Mad Max…. hot and dry.

Why, I ask as a dilettante, is that?  Why is that the assumption?  Ya know, besides that it’s scary…

Figure, you take solid carbon and atmospherize it, en masse, as humans and volcanos and meteors have done… it either makes the atmosphere denser or it increases the size of the atmosphere.  And you get a greenhouse effect, which means more warmth… I guess….and though warmth has been great for biological life throughout the world’s history, has meant fertility and abundance, it’s bad in this case… cuz right where we’re at now, it’s the precipice… science knows that, 97% consensus…even though it’s been warmer before, and it wasn’t the precipice then….Anyway.  If it’s warmer, water evaporates and goes to the air.  Ya figure with a mildly more carbonized atmosphere there might actually be some capacity for the atmosphere to hold more water vapor…  But it’s never going to rain apparently; the earth will be parched out everywhere like Mad Max.

Hot and dry is bull, like quite a few other things.  And hot and wet isn’t actually a problem.

As a schadenfreude, I don’t think this is helpful… 

http://www.salon.com/2015/05/22/family_values_creeps_have_a_tough_week_josh_duggar_bill_oreilly_the_sickening_hypocrisy_of_the_sanctimonious_right/ This is actually ripe for all kinds of hypocrisy discernments.  Now it is kinda the evangelical right who has established puritanical sexual morality as a premise and then defended it.  So, hence the opportunity for [excessive] liberal schadenfreude with an observation of hypocrisy.  As to the ‘crimes’.  Ya know, there’s a danger of minimizing real discomfort that was afflicted and endured, but the acts here don’t sound extraordinary.  They were afflicted and endured by pre-teens and teenagers.  On the whole, these ‘acts’ are kinda typical of things teenagers experience during those years… and they recover from them and ought to generally.  And, teenagers are not asexual in the first place, that’s not something that should exist as an assumption, and it’s not obvious the maintenance of asexuality in the teen years should be thought of as ideal…  I’m not radical on this, I just figure it used to be different, IE, in the days when teenagers had sex and kids normally as a function of everyone’s much shorter lifespans, and there was no moral judgment to be made about it…. Cuz its basic human sexuality….That actually ought to be intuitive to Salon liberals, who probably have more exposure to undergrad and grad level human sexuality courses.  Thing is to have a schadenfreude orgasm over Duggar is accomplished by being somewhat purposefully oblivious to this understanding… which is also hypocrisy.  Other thing… ya know where there’s palpable teenage sexual dysfunction?  The black underclass.  Now maybe the black underclass is not hypocrites about it, but it’s fair to say Salon liberals would look on these dysfunctions more sympathetically, and be receptive there to normal anthropological explanations for it.  Just to say… I just don’t think calling out this hillbilly is all that helpful to the establishment of a greater wisdom.

Jots w/ dots 5/22

Fake irony spotting:  http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2015/05/minnesota_ex-cons_can_have_guns_with_silencers_but_no_votes.php  Insofar as we’re going to have suppressor legalization, ex-cons aren’t going to be eligible to buy them as they aren’t eligible to buy other firearms.  And, it’s not really surprising that the firearms lobby is more powerful than the felon lobby.  So no irony there reporter Du.  The Zingy position on felon voting is, yes, we oughta lighten up on that, not a big deal to have them vote.  Though, it’s not obvious that what we do now, allow them to vote after their probation is up, is all that unreasonable.  Thing is you have these extraordinary lengthy probation periods, like 10 more years with the quoted professor there.  No need for that, and it would be solved by sentence reform, which is also the answer to a couple other problems. Hey felons: psst, if you went and voted, no one would really be the wiser, I really doubt anyone checks that stuff.

Actually, in granting the Arctic permits it’s that the President shows a serious understanding of energy  http://theweek.com/articles/556196/president-obama-says-climate-change-national-security-threat-bad-doesnt-act-like  Ya know, trying rilly rilly hard is not an engineering principle, and thus trying rilly hard, as Cooper would advocate, is not going to allow for creation carbon-less energy in amounts that exceed the natural structural limitations that prevent its abundance in the first place….  So for the President to act as if he understands that, I have to say that’s serious.

The limitations of peer review:  http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-05-21/a-messy-answer-beats-too-good-to-be-true-  the lesson is, if you understand the tribal knowledge / group think of the tribe… which are in this case other academics… you can solicit their confirmation bias.  Thank gaia global warming research is somehow not susceptible to that!

Yeah, I bet climate change is going to be exactly like this… http://talkingpointsmemo.com/cafe/mad-max-accurate-take-on-climate-change  But I’m the one with no appreciation for ‘science’.  I saw the movie.  I thought it was good.  Ya know, it’s all CGI and fantastical.  I keep telling people, kinda dryly, that I thought it was unrealistic in spots.

Jots w/ dots 5/21

This would reflect a departure, so far as I can tell.  http://www.mprnews.org/story/2015/05/20/feds-indict-minneapolis-cop-over-brutality-complaints.  IE, paragraph 6.  Fair to say, testilying on police reports has been practice for municipal police officers for quite a long time because there was no check on it.  The feds are stepping up to act as a check.  And they might as well.  This guy would appear to be an egregious example and A) his internal reviews always clear him B) such that there are perjury probable causes borne out by the civil actions when the dept gets sued, the state or county doesn’t ever step up to discourage testilying by prosecuting it.

I’m vaguely working on knowing this better  http://www.slate.com/blogs/quora/2015/05/21/what_is_utilitarianism.html  I dunno, besides the textbook definition, Mills and all, I think it argues for a certain sparseness what with resources allocated for the ‘greater good’.  ‘Soviet’ is a word that comes to mind as something of a synonym.  I’m not a fan of ‘utilitarianism’.

Reminds me… Other day wife was telling of a FB listicle clickbait she had read and found funny / hideous, which was online dating profiles of Russian men.  Consistently, they were pictures of dudes flexing their biceps in tanktops in crappy apartments in Moscow.  Several brandished weapons.  The question was, what’s the deal with Russia?  I always say, it’s a hell hole.  But further, captured by a nihilism that seems to override their nominal Christianity… that which didn’t really get affected  by a message of peace and love that Europe did in its conversion.  Russia is different.

Reminds me…. so this Waco thing.  See, the confluence of the breastaurant and the biker gangs and the guns….I don’t see that as a reflection of America going to hell in a handbasket for lack of, actually, utilitarianism… that which would tacitly or explicitly obviate breastaurants and faux bikers and real bikers and guns.  This ain’t Russia, but fringe sects without a stake and not integrated and controlled by the larger body of societal norms have always been thus.  So it’s incorrect to think the Waco biker shootout is an externality of civil societies failure at this time, which is the verdict over at Joe’s blog WWP.  Ya know, and it’s the west… it’s a bit anarchic in the first place.  This Waco thing strikes me as similar to the Johnson County War, or the Mormons shooting it out with the gentiles at various points.

Moron Waco

I was wondering what it was that would be the nature of a restaurant franchise operation going by the name ‘Twin Peaks’.  It turns out its a breast reference.  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/19/us/waco-texas-biker-gang-shooting.html?_r=0  clever, that.  I’ve never been to a Hooters or any of its competitors.  Odd, cuz I love breasts.

Lambo, over at Joey and the Dooosh:  hey it’s those faux bikers that are the problem.  With their bikes and leather they are, ya know, ‘compensating’ for inadequacy issues.  Penile inadequacy issues.  Like the gun guys … and also romanticizing anachronistic warrior masculinity, which is the real problem….Seems Lambo is a bit of a fatist also, so far as he can use the fat redneck caricature to bigot on rural people.

On the double standard: maybe so, that whites romanticize biker gangs to a point http://www.salon.com/2015/05/20/o%E2%80%99reilly_on_waco_bike_gang_murders_here%E2%80%99s_everything_that%E2%80%99s_wrong_with_how_the_media_covers_race_and_violence/

Still, these bikers did not benefit from privilege or other assumptions: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/418578/gunfight-not-riot-what-happened-waco-kevin-d-williamson

And yeah, there’s O’Reilly… but I don’t see a pervasive train of thought that excuses biker gangs cuz romanticization / white privilege.  http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/418664/no-waco-not-being-ignored-or-treated-game-charles-c-w-cooke

We watched most of Sons of Anarchy… just cuz, its rare that you start something and don’t finish it.  These were the least admirable protagonists I ever encountered in any piece of fiction.  Loathsome.  Also, a dumb show.

Jots with dots 5/20

Liberal apostasy from Damon Linker as we revisit the Iraq war this week:  http://theweek.com/articles/555970/why-liberals-tell-themselves-comforting-fables-about-iraq-war  Look, Bush / Cheney lied a little… but it was a noble lie.  The motivation was to plant the seed of democracy in the middle east, and remake the region for the benefit of them and us.  So it’s noble.  And it’s not as if it didn’t and doesn’t work, provided you keep a standing army in these countries at a cost of several hundred billion a year.  Lyndon Johnson tried the exact same thing, and also lied with the truth not being persuasive.  So let’s not have a double standard.

The grievance crowd is trying to draw some contrasts re this Waco biker gang thing, the point being maybe the bikers’ benefit from some assumptions and privilege.  http://www.salon.com/2015/05/20/white_americas_waco_insanity_the_shocking_realities_it_ignores_about_racism_violence/  Uh hello, the police marched into that parking lot and started gunning everyone down.  That’s not getting the benefit of assumptions or privilege….  I recall also a discussion in the last couple days where it’s asserted that ‘biker gang’ is not as pejorative as ‘thug’.  I disagree, my sense as a writing / word / culture guy is that ‘biker gang’ is pejorative like ‘thug’ that one probably can’t split hairs over the difference.

Chait Stains:  http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/jonathan-chait-fox-news-blondes-sexist  Chait’s observation is true, but there’s a problem that kinda obviates the larger takeway, which is supposed to be that FOX is shallow because they have good looking blondes on camera.  That problem is, the blondes, Megyn and Kirsten, are formidable personalities and superior to Hannity and O’Reilly as journalists

He’s anti-science:  Bernie Sander is against nuclear power.  http://www.vox.com/2015/5/20/8628901/bernie-sanders-redditt

Jots w Dots on the Dayton veto…

Vituperative….that’s a big league word

Gov Dayton asserts that Republicans ‘hate the public schools’.  Excessively hyperbolic there, over the line in terms of limits you ought to recognize in describing the motives of your political foes.  Ya know, private schools do not have an overly Republican clientele…. Cuz most private schools are in urban areas, and there ain’t a lot of Republicans in urban areas….  So Republican’s don’t hate public schools, they do frequent them and support them.  In my own district, we consistently elect Republican legislators and also pass school referendums…  Hate is way too strong a word to describe the Republicans feel about school spending, the Gov is insufficiently nuanced there.

He got asked a question at the presser about the merits or even legality of vetoing a bill for what’s not in it, rather than vetoing for containing things that are objectionable.  I think that’s a good question…  its not like we’re going to get a state supreme court case that says a veto of this type is unconstitutional, but it makes, again, for a question of his judgment when he upends norms in this way.

So you go back to that word, vituperative… Dayton said he was amazed at some of the vituperative Republican commentary about his mental faculties…. Well?…

I’m not convinced at all you get value from Pre-K…and I’d like to stand on an argument that’s less superficially obtuse than this and more epidemiologically undergirded… but I think this is somewhat self- evident as we have for quite a few centuries been turning out 18 year old graduates, and they are not deficient from not having a year of structured education at ages 4 or 5.  The push for Pre-K has every appearance of being a patronage building operation rather than something that delivers value.