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10 unpopular baseball opinions

I’m doing this to mimic a meme out there. Like, MattY just did 140 unpopular public policy opinions on Twitter.

1 – The Molitor swing is more effective than the front leg lift swing.

2 – Joe Mauer is a very good player who earned his money

3 – Miguel Sano will have an unremarkable 6-8 year MLB career

4 – Aroldis Chapman is the hardest thrower there’s been in baseball

5 – Barry Bonds is the greatest hitter ever

6 – Joe Maddon is wildly overrated

7 – The reason Kershaw is so good is because his basic pitcher morphtype is identical to Sandy Koufax’

9 – Pat Neshek’s morphtype is identical to Walter Johnson’s, and Johnson probably only threw as hard as Neshek does.

10 – 2006 was the year the Twins would have won the WS if they hadn’t non-tendered David Ortiz


Bombshell-ish, you’d think

Kickback scheme with the trucking is observed as 2009 ish and beyond

Contemporaneous to that is Clinton Foundation getting greased so that the SoS department will sign off on mineral sales to the Russkies.

So, ya know, this Russian money was a feature of the ambiance during the Obama

Administration. And Eric Holder, the world’s most horseshit AG, had no problem with it such that his superiors didn’t.

Lambo: If Weinstein wasn’t an uggo it wouldn’t be sex harassment

No link from me to WWP, but it’s his 10/17/17 article.

Um….I basically agree. This was an observation I was basically making when I put it in my terms, that Harvey is not a handsome devil and thus the basic transaction there doesn’t come so easy for him, ie he ends up looking rapey or being rapey moreso than most in Hollywood. IE, that starlets are transacting on their looks and it’s not all that debasing when you’re debasing yourself with someone better looking than Harvey…

That’s not a PC observation. I’m not worried about being un-PC so much, but we should give Lambo credit for on occasion making observations /arguments that run afoul of liberal speech codes. He did it here.

In reference to #MeToo. … Some things:

…I know it can be pretty creepy out there for women. They aren’t lying generally. Men can be pretty piggy. It’s lamentable….

…A lot of that has to do with prevailing bro culture, which is an outgrowth of Hefner-ism.

…The college scene, the Title IX thing… I think some of the awkward dating stuff that goes on in HS and college is being conflated with harassment at this moment, and there is a difference. And that people should be somewhat excused for what can be easily identified as pure romantic type immaturity at that age. And that people should toughen up a little and choose to get over stuff that happened to them that is qualitatively easy to ‘get over’.

…We have a paradox / disconnect between, what I’ll call for lack of a better term, the glamour and sexiness culture that women partake in and what then we’re all supposed to understand of ‘courtship norms’ we’ll say. I dunno, I’m at a loss to articulate it properly. But there’s a matter of behavior expectations that are at odds in some ways, not that I mean that women who dress sexy are ‘asking’ to get hit on / propositioned.

I think I could scout, and I’m apparently not too old to start

If we’re to use John Manuel as a guide.

Been reading him forever. He’s probably my age.

Boy that would be fun! Gives one hope about starting a new career but most of us have to restart at the bottom.

If I was a scout my reports would be littered with double entendres like “he can really crack off a deuce.”

I’m a contrarian on this opioid thing

This is not how I experienced the opioid era. Granted, of course, I can’t claim my experience was representative. It’s probably WAY not representative.

My mother had to have her hips done more than once in the last several years, and it was painful surgery / healing. If anything, there was great resistance to giving out percoset / oxy prescriptions that would alleviate that pain for as long as needed. She was in that position. Looks like this was before the tweak of this law.

So you got this Washpo story here that claims the DOJ / DEA was eventually neutered in fighting pharmaceuticals / physicians / pharmacies that were pushing opioids. And it’s like a 60 minutes style expose where they are calling out the bad guys on the pharmaceutical side for not wanting a rectal exam every time they made a sale and alternately lionizing this ex-bureaucrat.

My instinct is to say it’s too much trope to believe. And I think people ought to be fairly un-constrained in relieving pain.