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Furlough jots

Hey I’m on a furlough, so as much as blogging is habituation, I haven’t been blogging…. Cuz I do that at work…. When I’m on paid time.

But here’s an effort nonetheless:

Jots w/ dots 9/16/15

Iron balls:  I was reading about the Battle of Britain, as yesterday was Battle of Britain Day.  ‘The Few’, Those guys had iron balls. Now, I understand that an even tempered evaluation of the situation prior to the months’ long air battle would probably conclude the Germans were not going to gain air superiority.  The potentiality there was really quite narrow… And then, if there was actually to be an invasion across the channel you still had the Royal Navy, which had already been fighting the Germans quite effectively in Norway.  But still, I’m not sure how this was assuring, I’m kind of astonished we were ambivalent and didn’t enter the war on behalf of the UK in August 1940.  I doubt the teacher / school would have wanted that the police arrest the kid, but… they shouldn’t have called the police then, because what you invariably get is a lowest common denominator response.  We’re talking about an institution that is incapable of seeing nuance.

Government is just the things we do together and if you don’t like it you should just go live in Somalia chortle chortle…:

Chait stains:  The President is wise here.  Is the sycophantic base going to listen?  I have my doubts.


Morwood, the aftermath

Morwood, the aftermath

Now the U brass is going after the thing where you gather the guys around at work and show what great porn you’ve found to look at on your iPhone.  Unbelievable.  But really….  This is bewildering that this behavior goes on…. Somewhere, anywhere….I have never been privy to that extreme male jocularity, wasn’t cool enough or jocky enough…. nor would I want to be privy.  Anyway, ya know I very much endeavor to understand how people make a living and what work pays what.  Like Studs Terkel would amiright.  And in understanding that to work is to toil, just about no matter what the qualitative attributes of what you toil at, there’s very few circumstances in which I would remark someone was overpaid  I think this Ellis was overpaid, by almost thrice.  That’s not a $153K job, whatever he was doing.  I guess what’s also astounding is the career track for a $150k assistant AD job or even a $450k AD job starts by doing the team’s laundry as an undergrad student manager.  Even if I understand that as a potential payoff, not sure I could make myself stand there and wash other dudes’ jockstraps.  Too subservient.

Jots w/ dots 9/4

Hey ya know all those Republicans, their anti-immigrant stance is a bigoted reaction to the browning of America and the loss of white privilege….  This lefty short hand is I think just the typical claim of racism used to dismiss substantial observations, here about allowing in hordes of people who distort the labor market, swamp the crim justice system, need state welfare benefits to subsist, worsen poverty / inequality problems.  Remediating all that shit takes taxing and spending, in fact ends up being demanded (ironically right…).  While the alternative, not allowing these hordes to move in and swamp the system such that we can control it… and we probably can control it, eh…ya know, that’s not inferior in logic actually, controlling it.   So it’s not really anxiety over the browning of America alrighty, it is not substantially that, and people who think it is are being deliberately obtuse or worse.

Hewitt does this to a lot of people.  Its good.

Taking bribes (the $16M no show chancellor job for WJC) from for profit schools and doing their bidding at the State Dept, ya know, that ought to be disqualifying for a Democrat candidate.  Must be noble graft eh, not the Koch brothers kind.

I always thought she was a great looking woman  which is contrary to Republican notions that she’s big, ungainly, and horsy or something.  I’m pretty sure I’m the one who’s right there.

Merle Haggard doesn’t like bro country:    It’s not that I like it, it’s gone past what I liked in the 80’s.  But I think the hedonism / nihilism thing that is reflected in the odes to beer drinking and screwing on pickup tailgates has got its mirror image in hip hop.


Like I said, machinists do well

We’re getting a shooting range  Stillwater is kinda affluent and populous, so there have been a few concepts put together last few years to go after a suburban demography here that would like others probably spend $ on guns.  Of those, Range 082 is greenlighted, I guess.  Sounds big.  Y’all have noticed over the years my interests and observations about commerce and entrepreneurship and big hitters and then the gun business.  So it would have been natural for me to wonder, as I did, whether say you got an investment partnership that’s spending $10M on this enterprise, or if it’s just some dude with a vision.  Because it’s $10M for crying out loud, big money.   If it’s a commercial partnership / fund, you figure these shooting ranges have been analyzed as prosperous by the financial smart set.   That’s noteworthy.  But if it’s just some dude…. you wonder who that guy is, because the obvious candidates who have built a $10M stash… lawyer, neurosurgeon…. dentist….whatever….you don’t figure they’d push it all to the center of the table for a shooting range.  We got some law and hospitality concerns in the valley that have accumulated big $.   Well, it wouldn’t be those guys.  I have noted this before, how much money machinists make with their greasy grimy unsexy little machine shops where they CNC stuff.  See the article, guy is / was a machinist. I wish I woulda been one.  It’s not too late, course…

Jots w/ dots 9/3

My finger on the pulse of…. A week ago I wrote about the original TNR article re the success Stalin would have had with computers.  I recognized it right away for absurdity.  Since then, McCardle writes  Also, heard Rush talking about it when I listened to his replay show Sunday.

I could see this being the case  They are basically talking about the purchase permit, which we have in MN.  Having never bought handguns or ‘sporting rifles’ before, you can’t just walk into a MN store and just buy one and leave.  You need a purchase permit, which basically serves as proof of a thorough local background check.  You end up getting a card to present to whatever retail counter, and it’s good for a year.  You get your card in about a week after filling out the app at your local PD.  I do imagine this hurdle stymies some malevolent impulses.

I have my eye on this for philosophical / political contemplation, and also to draw whatever analogies you can to America:   As a function of mass production and modernity, there aren’t enough low skill jobs for waves of migrant refugees to come and fill, they end up going on the dole in ethnic ghettos.  Happens here, to somewhat less degree, as we have more jobs and are less ghetto-ized.  Point being, are we really as a matter of empathy obligated to add these people to the roster of those we pay benes to in western society?  It’s tough but I don’t think so.

The draft board and Bernie

I anticipated this would be a curiosity, IE, that one of Sanders opponents would bring it up:

Couple few things….

Ya know, being a pacifist is one thing, but for the Vietnam era pacifists and draft evaders the moral high ground is kinda firmed up with an assumption that we the US, vaguely imperialist or worse as we are, wouldn’t have been righteous in fighting ostensibly egalitarian communist movements.  I think that moral high ground might be built on complete baloney such that communist revolutions almost universally involve going village to village, shooting the kulaks, and taking their farm land.  There’s not really a pacifist moral high ground to be attained by refusing your duty to a force that repels that.

That I think being true, that their pacifism was dubious….  I’ve got some sympathy for draft dodging because I’m not sure we all have cosmic duty to country to be conscripted and go do what the powers that be dictate.

So Sanders…. We went over this some months ago.  His explanation is he applied for CO status.   And?  There’s a notion he aged out to 26+ before his case was decided.  But there’s no way to know if that’s true, if a warrant was issued for his non-compliance, that’s all stuff that went in the trash with Carter’s amnesty.

I also had the sense for a profound irony if HRC smeared Sander’s for draft dodging, as WJC actually was drafted was he not, only to work feverishly among govt and academic connections to get it rescinded and his deferments extended.  But this irony has not appeared yet, it does not seem the HRC campaign itself is making this point about Sanders.

Jots w/ dots 9/2

Cops getting shot:  no link, but the observation within the conservative news loop is, I think, that there have been a buncha cop shootings in the past week, spawned by the rhetorical environment of BLM.  Ya get some sense that might be overstated, but there’s been a couple no doubt.  To the extent it happens, the vibe is reminiscent to me of when Ofc. J. Haaf was assassinated at a pizza place in Mpls, more than 20 years ago by now.  The instigating factor there was also ostensibly a heightened environment of police brutality.  I wanna preface I’m against both police brutality and cops getting shot, and move to an anthropological / political observation that is made unemotionally.  That observation being, there’s a vaguely or better insurrectionist thing going on here with the underclass when they assassinate members of the state’s constabulary, often spontaneously.  This is probably a timeless phenomenon that can be cultured by oppression or the perception of oppression.  And I think this is going on a bit now, though I also think it would be dubious to say one side has the blame for the rhetoric.  Escalation requires opposition, and we have that.

Coen movies:  Yeah, Fargo was undoubtedly inspired by this