Dot with Jots 10/8 #stribpol

AP –  In my infosnacking, I kept hearing the word ‘orgy’, and I was moved to ask…. Is there some stylebook guidance on that?  Cuz I think what Peterson had going was much less classy than an ‘orgy’.   I think what they call that with Peterson are ‘gang bangs’, although maybe that’s a bit too pejorative for the newspaper.   Don’t ask me though, maybe I’m wrong, never been to one.  I have hay in my shoes.

Well not really hay in my shoes.  I was a suburban white kid, but same dif.  I liked this article by Jonathon Chait.  He makes me feel not so pathetic for remembering my own highlight reel of shit so fondly.  I didn’t play football, I played soccer and baseball.  In an amateur playoff game, I once came in and struck out the side with the bases loaded.  I was about 22, a skinny soft tosser, and not a good player.  It was all curveballs.  I had been obsessively working on my curveball for about 7 years by then, and I could put a lot of spin on the ball.  I digress.  I agree with Chait, and I agree with him on a more tangential point that my generation is more like our parents than the millennials.


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