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Car beat: I don’t know WTF the Trumpsters are thinking kicking around these import car car tariffs

I mean, I think the primary observation is, American car companies don’t deserve the protection. Everyone should be able to grasp that.

Also… If I had to rate the world’s worst car companies, GM would actually come in second probably behind Volkswagen.

VW is renowned for gaming their emissions systems… and that required about a $20B settlement. They also just have made a shitty product in general for at least the last 10 years, VW snobs be damned. Its a shitty car, made shitty by it being way over engineered. Take a Quaalude you German engineers.

I’ve got one of these with the bad 2.0 4 cylinder gas engine. It skipped a timing gear and hatched the engine.

The suggested repair is a new crate engine, and VWs price on those installed ins $8200. I didnt go that route, I had a European car guy just rebuild the head on mine. Was merely $5400.

Now it looks like I’ll get that back…. maybe in a year.

He’s very Musk-y

I don’t think this guy gets enough shit for assertively trying to live as Tony Stark / Bruce Wayne, basically.

I’m not a terribly big believer in the Tesla, though for sure, there is a point in perfecting the electric platform. If there’s conservation gains to be made by having everyone drive one form factor car, I kind of believe that form factor is say a Toyota Corolla with a 4 cylinder gas engine.


I doubt the upper midwest takes a backseat to Appalachia when it come to violent fishing and hunting disputes

Given very little time, I think I could construct a highlight list of ten egregious ones locally the last 10 years

Guy was acquitted. I think justice probably would have been served if this guy would have done 5 or 6 years in the pen for manslaughter. Hard for me to see that a vital 44 yr old has to shoot an unarmed 62 year old who acts ‘threatening’.

Guy was defended by Earl Gray, who is good at arguing there’s shadows of doubt.

I can see this angle: Eliot Broidy not the one that had affair w/ Playboy model

…Rather it was DJT. Broidy took the fall.

The observation that disqualifies Eliot Broidy is that, while apparently rich, he’s too homely to be persuading models to have sex with him.

I think this is actually unimpeachable logic. Trump isn’t actually super attractive himself nowadays in literal terms, but he’s a different ‘animal’ altogether. See what I did there.

a couple other things on Jordan Hicks and 105

Actually there was another guy in relatively recent years who threw 105…. Joel Zumaya of the Tigers. He had a couple good years but couldn’t stay healthy, both elbow and shoulder, and he stopped trying well before age 30.

This is way more the rule than the exception, actually, even for guys are mere 92 mph professionals rather than elite elite. In the pro game there is a selection bias you’d say for guys that can actually stay healthy throwing hard everyday, and then, even for those that do for a while their careers don’t go much beyond age 31…. usually. I’m looking at you Lance Lynn. There are exceptions who get up to age 35-37-40 and still play and in the fans mind everyone should be like that, with those not able having ‘underachieved’ in some way.

Good thing about Hicks is that the Cardinals saw him at age 21 there in A ball throwing 100 and said "bring him up". Twins in the old days, and maybe now, would have been rigid about him doing high A successfully, then AA, then AAA… The Cardinals judgement is right, get him up now.

Rosenthal I understand will try to play next year having had a garden variety TJ fix.

Potential for Hicks tearing his UCL in then next couple years is very high, I think. Jose Berrios too. I think they tear among elite throwers, that’s what they do, and its hard to exercise your way out of that potentiality.

It seems intuitive that the 102mph groin strike will be damaging.

This freaky deaky Cardinals rookie who throws 105 mph

Yes he is, I would say, one of the three hardest throwers who have ever played to this point.

The others being lets say Aroldis Chapman and Nolan Ryan.

The number 105 is a curiosity here, because in the old days Bob Feller used to like to claim his ‘ball out of hand’ time was 108 or something. The problem was, the timing devices in the old days were very rudimentary. So ya figured, it was a load of crap, how could one know…

But then, the Fastball movie from a couple years ago sort of firmed up the idea that the edge of the envelope was indeed 105, that both Feller and Ryan were 105 guys before timing devices were any good.

I can buy that at this point. I still think an extreme fastball is going to be 100, and generational talents will appear who do hit "105".

Its curious that Hicks seems a devotee of the two seamer, the sinker, which is supposed to be slower than a 4 seamer. So what would happen if he threw a four seamer eh?

I’m some believer in morphology, and Hicks is ‘normal tall’ at 6′ 2 and 185. Exactly like Nolan Ryan, not one of these pitching beasts these days.

A thing about these guys that throw exceptionally, exceptionally fast is they don’t actually have to throw strikes much such that batters have to speed up and commit earlier and make a lot of crap swings on bad pitches…. Id like to see Hicks throw a ball in the zone at 105 to a good hitter and see what happens.

Strib hippie punches BLM, comes down on side of Zerwas’ cop sucking bill

Strib editorial page is disappointingly centrist / righty here.

I think I’ve said this in ways less tidy before, but here’s the thing:

Such that protesters are not disincentivized to protest on freeways, this is not because conviction penalties are lacking. Its because convicting for civil disobedience is a bit of a tall order, especially now when the current justice system is not really built to see cases through to trial. A thing being, protesters always demand trial.

So at that point, knowing that this bill doesn’t do anything, you can understand the bill is actually about something else. Which is, giving local righties a vessel for their disapproval of BLM such that the facts of the Yanez / Castile shooting cant actually be seriously defended.

The Strib shouldn’t abet that.

Operation take a big hack, 2018

League opener last night.

To recap: I had a horrible 2016, batted .050 in my return to amateur ball. Came back in 2017 and went to minimal stride, hit .310. This year, re-integrating a weight shift to drive the ball, because I’m able to get my hands through and am pull heavy anyway, want to hit home runs on some of these compact fields.

Went 2/3 yesterday. Two singles that were clean base hits but not lines drives. Thing is, with the big hack they get stung and are not pathetic 5 hoppers in the infield, they went past the 3b and ss fairly assertively.

The mental exploration…..It was curious to me, these last couple years I have had to lament taking pitches down the middle because I just wasn’t ready to swing for some reason. And that was with the “no stride”. Yesterday, with the stride, I only took one strike, which was a curveball that drifted back in. All the other strikes I swung at, with some fouls and then the ones I put into play. No swings and misses (guy was not a hard thrower, but he did defeat us, gave up 3 runs in 9 ip)


League, 2/3, .667, 1 rbi

PS: My son subsequently had to go to his 14/15 practice alone, and he said his red ass little league coach replaced me, I guess temporarily, with one of his red ass friends to help run bp (I was getting the feeling he felt threatened by me… sheesh). My child there, who is as prone to roll his eyes at my act as any child is at his parents, said this guy was a screamer and sucked throwing bp. I feel validated.