Remember when Trump was going to be the nominee

I’m putting down a new marker.  Trump will not be the nominee.  At the convention, someone else gets nominated…. Walker or Ryan.


One thought on “Remember when Trump was going to be the nominee

  1. pm1956

    I actually kind of hope you are right. Trump is just such a buffoon, that his very presence as a legitimate cnadidate demeans the entire process.

    That said, I don’t know if it can or will be done. After all, GOP voters, the grassroots, went for him overwhelmingly. And, generally, they still support him. To remove him would risk losing all legitimacy with the grassroots.

    But this is the problem that the GOP has–the split between the elites and the grassroots. It is a problem created by the GOP elites–they have been spinning tales to the grassroots for so long, that the grassroots now believe those tales, and so are revolting against immigration and trade and most everything that the elites believe in. Trump has simply demonstrated that he can out-demagogue the elites, and so he has won.

    Hoist by their own petard….


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