Orlando:  The legislation

Senate was to vote on:

  1. An assault weapons ban
  2. Universal background checks
  3. A Dem ‘terror watch list’ gun purchase restriction where there’s a great deal of DOJ administrative power and not much of an external check.
  4. A GOP ‘terror watch list’ gun purchase restriction that works much like the issuing of warrants, courts are involved…

1 and 2 are outside the potentiality of compromise, they just aren’t going to happen until the Democrats have all three branches.

Among people who have brains, both left and right, libertarians and the ACLU, 3 is abhorred for its subversion of due process.

GOP bill 4 accomplishes the goals of 3, but with citizen due process protection.  And the NRA has signed off on 4, no one gets a demerit from them for voting for it.

So like 1 and 2, 3 fails to pass the Senate yesterday because it has no GOP votes.  4 has GOP votes, and is thus within the parameters of compromise…. But Democrats won’t take their half a loaf and get it passed, they must have the apparatchik bill.

It’s an affirmation of the basic dishonesty over there on these issues.  With this as circumstance, the gunnies don’t really ever have reason to make concessions on guns.


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