When fastballs die

Jerrid Weaver only throws 83 now.


This allows me to first interject…. There was a time I used to get base hits off guys who threw 83.  And I’ve seen guys this year in my 35+ league who throw 83.  It’s to say, it’s not a big deal.  It’s short of elite athlete territory.

Anyway…. Jerrid Weaver is (was) an elite athlete who threw 92 say from age 18 to age 31.  You look at these guys, a lot of times their ability to throw the elite fastball has an obvious relationship to their elite genetic given musculoskeleton.  Weaver would be one of those guys, he is tall and (was) strong enough to throw with pro speed.

So the kinesiologist / pitching question is…  If you got the pro musculoskeleton… this doesn’t wither that dramatically at age 33, you’re still a 6’ 5, 220 dude or whatever with all that leverage to impose on the baseball.  So what changes that you lose your fastball?

I think it’s got to be either:

They don’t through hard because they got an achy elbow or shoulder and it hurts to throw hard


They stopped doing roids


And this doesn’t seem to seem to have a sub-current of chatter with fellas mulling it… I think people get this vague Meneire’s thing as they get older where the balance mechanism in their ears degrades and you can’t make those fast movements without feeling like you are going to fall down.  So if you’re a pitcher, you’d slow down.  Slow down your pivot, put the brakes on your push off the rubber.  And your fastball isn’t going to have as much life.

And I think these guys slow down to adjust without even knowing it sometimes. Not everyone would be affected to the extreme of course.


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