Damond, day 5: Enter Robert Bennett

…In these days prior I knew that was going to happen. It was an easy guess, this is his area of expertise, he’s the best: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/the-latest-australian-womans-family-hires-castile-attorney/2017/07/20/e95501ba-6d4f-11e7-abbc-a53480672286_story.html?

…Gov. Mark Dayton, Minnesota police are not ‘trigger happy” http://www.wctrib.com/news/4300071-dayton-minnesota-police-not-trigger-happy . Over at Mitch Berg’s blog, http://www.shotinthedark.info/wp/?p=63869, he has heard that “Minneapolis cops…. are trained to keep their fingers on the trigger at all times, in and among any number of other issues in the incident.” A bit fantastical? Mitch is hooked in, he knows stuff. I have speculated that Noor was sitting in the passenger seat with this gun in something of a Weaver hold, ready to raise it and shoot at a fraction of a second impulse. I think I’m right there. Ya know what? That’s trigger happy! The gun handling by Noor would be pretty persuasive of negligence in a civil trial, but, Bennett isn’t going to have to argue this at civil trial, it will be settled. As for Dayton… I don’t think it would be a big deal to say, yeah, cops are trigger happy. He’s said stuff that bold during the Castile odyssey. And he ain’t running.

… The ‘loud noise’ that the officers heard that apparently made them think they were being ambushed continues to confuse people, and the authorities haven’t stepped up to clarify. It wasn’t ambient neighborhood fireworks explosions…. The reference to fireworks comes from police radio chatter that captured the Noor incident, and it was discerned to be unrelated within moments. The ‘loud noise’ that Harrity and Noor heard was almost undoubtedly Damond rapping on their squad to get them to stop so she could talk to them. That’s the ‘loud noise’ what made them freak.

… Fred Bruno is Harrity’s lawyer. Bruno is also a metro super lawyer, with a practice defending cop thumpers. Last time I read of him he defended the Minneapolis SWAT team leader who off-duty beat a bar patron in Andover to within an inch of his life for no reason. Bruno lost that, having to, ya know, argue that the SWAT guy felt threatened, which was a bald faced lie… Bruno was asked yesterday basically if the ambush scenario is ‘reasonable fear’ (my scare quotes). He said yes, theoretically. You read the whole quote and its less douchebag than just the headline. IE, there was a cop in NY in recent weeks ambushed.


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