Fing biceps tendon

I am so not into politics right now.  Funny that.

I’m throwing like a 19 year old again this year. With regular playing, can throw at full speed and decelerate without feeling like my arm is going to explode.

This is new .  I think most ballplayers shoulders go bad.  Mine went balky in 1997.  I quit playing for a couple years, then started again.  By I think it was end of 2003 I couldn’t throw, at all.  Couldn’t make the throw from 2nd to 1st.  I was whatever I was, 34 or 35.

Went in, had a mild arthroscopy…. They call it an acromioplasty.  Acromion is the end of a clavicle that will impinge your ‘rotator cuff’ in places.  Thing is, I suspect its ability to impinge heightens as you age and acquire thick adult guy muscles.  As well, Ortho doc discerned my ‘acromion’ was a type 3, which is a somewhat scarce genetic feature such that it was curvy and hooked.  And that it was cutting off my supraspinatus, big muscle band / tendon going into the rotator cuff from the arm.  This was a known phenomenon for people with the type 3 genetic acromion.

So, he relieved the bone there in his little Dremel arthroscopy operation.  And it worked, to a point.  Came back the next spring throwing, though it was not free and easy like when I was a kid / young man.  Always felt like I had to pull back so as to not tear my  …. bicep…. Which you don’t really throw with.

Baseball fans and players get educated to various facets of orthopedics as time goes on and advancements are made.  Ya know, we know ‘labrums’ real well now as a function of sports medicine’s progress.  I don’t think we’ve had much notion of this biceps thing though, which seems somewhat simpler and I bet actually extraordinarily common.

But they do have a biceps tendon procedure now it appears.  I don’t need any work on mine.  I’ve thrown a lot this year, and an adhesion in there broke or it got the blood flow it needed and the biceps tendonitis I think I had since 1997 went away.  It’s the damndest thing.


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