Omar’s ‘discrepancy’

I’ve been watching this Ilhan Omar thing the last couple days, where Omar’s marriage is observed for an apparent ‘discrepancy’.

Interesting word choice… how can a marriage have a ‘discrepancy’?  Well in Omar’s case her marriage is ‘discrepant’ in its conformity to western assumptions of monogamy.  Bigamy was an implication, though it turns out she’s married to just one man… it’s just not the one she’s lived with steadily and had 3 children with in these last 12 or so years….

So this is a screwball situation…. with a pretty obvious explanation.  A reasonably worldly person knowing the superficial details and not choosing to be obtuse as a form of virtue can discern it, you just got to be willing to. Omar has been complicit in an immigration fraud gambit that used paperwork marriage.

Its all there, alight, like I say, obvious if one chooses not to be obtuse as a form of virtue.  And plenty in these parts are (say David Brauer on Twitter).  But there is a lefty reality discerner out there, a guy not being obtuse as a form of virtue.  That man is Lambo:

I’m kinda shocked, I think cuz he managed to get past being able to call Powerline a bunch of racists to actually weigh the qualitative merits of the observations / question.  But then he does go on a journalism jag now and then.


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