Jots with dots 2/10

Hypocrisy watching: TNR / Danny Vinik calls out the Democrats for obstruction. Look Danny, you’re making a false equivalence. When Republicans obstruct, its obstructing communal utopia. When Democrats obstruct, its obstructing the Koch brothers. Not the same moral equivalence there, not a “lie, lie”, thus not hypocrisy.

The President was “lying” about gay marriage way back then. Look everyone, if he had told the truth the rubes wouldn’t have voted for him and he would he would have diminished his chances for election, thus delaying the progression towards communal utopia. This is not the same as a Republican lie, which are all, ya know, for the Koch brothers. Not the same moral equivalence there, not a “lie, lie”, its OK if Democrats do this. Progression towards communal utopia eh.

Chait stains: This seems overly indulgent at this point. They wanted to try a regime change…somewhere in the middle east… and needed a pretext. Everyone knows that. So as a serious political observer, to be fixated on the WMD lies is kind of obtuse. Hey LBJ is not all that diminished among Dems for faking Gulf of Tonkin and using that as a pretext. Not the same moral equivalence I guess


One thought on “Jots with dots 2/10

  1. pm1956

    But…but…but…this (chait) is clearly an example of GOP lying to kill American servicemen in order to secure oilfields for Halliburton, as opposed to Dem lies in service of a noble utopia. GOP lies for war, money, oil (or, if you prefer, the Koch’s, repeal of estate taxes and and .01%), Dems lie to make a better world for us all.

    In any event, Chait was just responding to a GOP attempt to re-write history.


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