Jots with dots 2/12

What’s old is new – culturally, this is what 9 ½ weeks was 30 years ago. It’s still absurd, I’d like to say Powerball type $ wouldn’t make me see this.

I’m going to be a denialist here

I spent a bit of time trying to conjure up the right punch line for this – And that would be a fruitless effort, probably. IE, its not a hate crime that’s to be instructive of anything. Guy is just nutty, a loose cannon, deficient of enough mental faculties to have toppled over the edge. I’d like to say that… excluding, ya know, the thing where the dude shot the 3 people, the guy’s heightened belligerence and misanthropy appears unremarkable among New Atheists. But I am having a moment of wisdom here that tells me his heightened belligerence and misanthropy isn’t all that remarkable among belligerent misanthropes who glom onto some political tangent. And righty archetypes are well represented there. Pass the wine.

Yeah, no kidding – For all his brilliance… and there is some, no doubt…. I think a reasonable complaint of Chait is that he never, ever made a substantive criticism of the President and administration. Ya know, the President is far from perfect, and if you can’t make a critique, you’re a sycophant and your insight is worthless. That was Chait. Until this column….

I agree:

The show was too much of an inside joke, playing to several liberal conceits as it did, specifically the feedback loop thing where liberals congratulate each other for how smart they are.


2 thoughts on “Jots with dots 2/12

  1. pm1956

    Chapel Hill killings: Look, if you are apparently willing to go from arguing over parking spaces to shooting over parking spaces, you are pretty demonstrably a psychopath. Any sort of religion is just a cover-up for deeper issues. And I think i earlier touched on the natural affinity between libertarians, 2nd Amendment proponents, and atheists.

    One of the interesting things about atheism is what it actually stands for. Disbelief is not exactly a grand, unifying theory, much less a movement. There are all sorts of efforts to turn atheism into something more positive, a more coherent ideology that goes far beyond disbelief in any higher power. So far, all it has done is to divide atheists into various camps.

    Personally, I think the effort is doomed to failure, Like herding cats.


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