Blather…A nuggets colum

This one will be a talker:

On that thought of abysmal policing…. The coppers apparently arrested and booked the victim’s fiancé right away. It comes to pass I guess that it’s fairly obvious he didn’t do it. In the course of investigation / interviews they stumbled across a more compelling suspect, one that circumstances pointed towards rather strongly. You’d think this obviates a notion they ever had probable cause on the fiancé. Which made it a pretty shitty piece of initial police work.

Hillary not inevitable.

I agree. Progressives want a suitably progressive candidate, right? Is Hillary suitably progressive? I’m not sure she is. You know who is more suitably progressive? Not Elizabeth Warren. It’s Joe Biden. Bonus question: Will Bill stop seeing other women if Hillary is nominated? Seriously, I’m not sure he will, and I’m not sure the press can be cowed into not reporting on it. Thus I’m not sure a Hillary candidacy survives the nomination process.

Wild Turkey strikes me as kind of low brow:

My dad drinks beer, but if he has to have a bottle of whiskey he buys ‘Beam’. I want to try Vat 69, which I just saw on Band of Brothers.


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