Job Acquired

I got my next gig. This one ends Friday, next one starts Monday. Woulda been nice if there was a manageable gap, but oh well.

I’m a W2 employee for a consultant vendor. Often times, when you start a new gig you switch consultant vendors, because when you are in the market you may have a few showing your resume around town. But my current vendor got the job done, and got me sold, so I stay. Which is good, long stretches of continuity are good.

I had updated my resume on Dice, which makes the phone ring from new vendors. Also, updated LinkedIn. Was actively looking for ten days. Went out for 1 interview, and bagged that. Interviewing is a skill. As a younger man, I’d go on10-15 interviews before nabbing a gig. …experience….

On the ‘gig economy’

Ya know, business is good for me, its OK. Re the article above, I don’t think IT consultants have difficulty getting unemployment when they furlough off an assignment. I have gotten it. Two big insecurities are PTO, which I don’t get. And retirement, as you never are with anyone long enough for matching contributions to vest.

I don’t know how I will blog next week, as the way I write now seems out of the question for at least a time. But I’m not giving it up.


2 thoughts on “Job Acquired

  1. Joe Loveland

    Congratulations. I’ve been an “eat only what you kill” sole proprietor consultant for 14 years. No salary,long-term contract, health coverage (wife has it though), pension or matching, vacay or PTO…and an a-hole for a boss. I love it, and do well. But I do understand the pressure of financial insecurity all too well, so am glad you have a bit less of it. Great news.


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