NRA kinda crosses my line in the sand

I was probably more than OK with La Pierre’s “jack-booted thugs” and “good guys with guns”. Not OK with this.

This Loesch is a bit of another rw dragon lady.

I’ve been a dues scofflaw anyway as a 2nd amendment absolutist, have been free riding basically. I dunno, it’s probably that I don’t believe 2A rights are in any real danger, I don’t feel the urgency. But they call, ya know, probably every 3 months…. they are basically one of the only entities that still has my land line number… and they ask for their $35 bucks… and I like my $35…. And there’s no way they are going to educate me in the course of a conversation…. so I hang up on them.

Now I have a better reason!

This is not true, however. A bit hyperbolic.

Jots w/ dots 8/10/17

I’ll certainly be watching this as much as I watched The Factor

Cops lying on police reports: How did this get to trail… did the prosecution not take note of the video in discovery?

It’s like we drilled out way to lower gas prices or something

Old, old Bernie is the old man to beat

The Google brouhaha

It’s like we’re having this argument over whether men and women are different again. Seems kinda obtuse to deny that. Some things:

I don’t think the engineer, Damore, ever actually said women are inferior at tech. He said they were less predisposed because they preferred people to things. I don’t disagree.

If we’re to make a qualitative judgement over what is the “better” gender, I do say women. They’re better than men. More sensible in ways. More “good-er”.

Ya know, if you were to nail it down physiologically in a way that might not anger as many people, you might say that men are more aptituded to tech because more men stray into the Asperger’s spectrum. Fixation = capability in a lot of ways.

Glen Campbell was a pretty big deal

In my youth, there was a period there where you could not escape him on TV, probably 1976 – 1979. And I know before that too, but my granular memory capabilities kick in about 1976 when I was 7-8 or so. I’m thinking I saw him on the Muppet Show and these hokey Bob Hope things and Dinah Shore.

At the time, even as a child, I thought he was incredibly square. Then he was not a thing over say 1980 – 2000 and I didn’t think about him at all.

But then 15 – 20 years ago my friend, he who is a pretty talented music guy, says “Glen Campbell, Fing awesome…” and gives me a CD.

Fing awesome… Galveston, Wichita Lineman…

And he was not really a square, not given how much coke he did at various points and how many beautiful women he was, uh, “with”.

He’s not very good in the 68 version of True grit, but who could be…. It’s not the Coen Bros there.

Who is today’s Glen Campbell?  I say John Mayer.

Harteau is quite obtuse, apparently

Pull quote: “At no time did anybody say, ‘This is bad. You need to come back, chief.’”

I don’t think her job could have been saved in any event actually. Kinda was a foregone conclusion the moment Damond was killed. But it was a real curiosity that she stayed on vacation till like the Wednesday after.

What is says is everyone else knew she was done… the mayor, the council, the dept … they weren’t even bothering with her.

Eric Black: Trump colluded w/ the Russians like Nixon Colluded w/ the South Vietnamese, tipping the election

This may very well be an angle that Nixon plied, but I don’t think the rest of the history adds up.

** I think the NVA thought they were winning the war by 1968. Doubt they could have been persuaded by LBJ’s overtures for peace in almost any case. Other thing is… did the Russians want peace? They were in the war basically.

**General election was very nearly a 31M to 31M tie (narrow advantage Nixon), but analysis here is completely oblivious to fact George Wallace won 46 electoral votes. It wasn’t a close election, Humphrey was second by a fair amount, election could not be ‘tipped’ at that distance.,_1968