14/15 ball is a bit sloppy

They are playing their first season on the adult sized diamond.

There is a wide size disparity, the boys range from 5′ 2 to 6 ‘2.

Even the 6′ 2 kids, on this team, are a bit noodle armed for the size of the field. They don’t have the grown strength to make a robust throw from 3rd and short to first, etc

The pitchers, on this team, don’t have the arms to make very robust throws from the mound to home.

Some of them are hitting some pretty robust fly balls actually. No one can consistently catch a robust fly ball, they want to let it drop and then pick it up.

Our team lost last night 35-8 (yikes).

I have consistently thought it wouldn’t be a natural fit for me to bring my amateur ball guy act into this ecosystem as a coach, but this fellow running the team is a red ass little league dad who doesn’t know much. I’d be superior, I’d have lost that game last night 20-8 rather than 35-8 just based on pitching management.

I don’t harp on mistakes. Its a hard game.

My mini-me, my 14 year old…. he’s standing out there in left last night and a 6’ 2 kid on the other team hits a screaming rocket out there. Type of ball that will break a kids nose if they engage it awkwardly, which I think is a real risk given like I said the transitional nature of the age bracket. Well he trotted up, puts up his glove… that tactile sound of ball smacking the web of his glove. Thing of beauty, and, best fielding play of the year and his young baseball life.


Nick Coleman


I like the idea of a firebrand populist columnist quite a bit more than I liked Coleman himself. Nick was excessively purist, intemperate, hyperbolic, and anti-commerce… off the top of my head. For a guy with elite gifts for rhetoric and institutional memory, these things cut short his career.

Pet peave: As a writer I feel like he was commonly prone to a form of strawman-ing, the construction of false ironies for cheap chortles, this as setup for whatever points he was trying to make.

Real bummer though, I don’t wish an age 67 stroke on anyone.

Yes, its OK that Karin Housley authors real estate bills

Dumb Think Progress article:


There’s a David Schultz quote in there where he says Housley working on real estate law is a conflict of interest because she’s a realtor. I’m persuaded if then say teacher legislators working on education bills or lawyer legislators working on the criminal code is also a conflict of interest.

I mean, you might on the other hand call a pro in their field working on legislation ‘practical expertise’.

So, this is a hit job for what its worth… the creation of a piece of content to allege that shes unethical when this is not otherwise demonstrated in any meaningful way.

Upshot: she’s a US Senate candidate this year. I suppose its natural that I would vote for her, though I’m not a stalwart fan. She lives in the lower valley here, and actually her privilege as a blonde pro hockey wife grated me. She entered the executive home market in the area as a realtor without years of laborious experience…

She’s been otherwise credible and non embarrassing though.

Now MPLS PD pull out of Bulletproof training

Easy call, and you wonder how this didn’t get nipped in the bud further away.

Maybe it gets to the point where this guy skips Minneapolis for the foreseeable future.


I wouldn’t mind showing up at the protest, its on my way home. But the time commitment conflicts with my highest calling: ball.

A resentment wedge made for the 2018 gub election: Somali daycare fraud


A few things:

There’s ‘pushback’, alright, from Democrats / liberals – Gov Dayton, Keith Ellison, MPR, the local lefty Twitter chorus – that this is real. The implication downstream from it being ‘not true’ is that those assuming it is are Minnesota rubes being racisty.

Here’s the MPR story on the ‘pushback’ that doesn’t actually refute the assertion: https://www.mprnews.org/story/2018/05/14/state-investigating-fraud-at-10-mn-daycare-providers

No, no, and no.

The reporting such as it is seems to back up that it’s actually happening. Its solid, and… gimme a break… quite within the realm of potentiality in the first place just cuz these programs are vulnerable to systemic fraud. Qualitatively its the equivalent of medicare clinic fraud or slip and fall chiropractic fraud. Which is not rare.

B+ white Minnesota does have a proper expectation that this doesn’t get a pass because of its implications for a racial minority political constituency. Its a big deal. I guess the proper instinct is Tim Walz or whoever had a strong shot at winning just because of the ambient energy in the ‘resistance’ movement. Well, if these candidates have to take the position the fraud is not happening, I see them losing to T-Paw…. who is much nastier these days, seems very much willing to be a wedgy candidate.

This rube wants to understand this

The rube is me. I don’t understand the ‘typical’ or kind of median American Jew’s relationship with Israel. Its seems like an oddly uncomfortable embrace when it shouldn’t be. Has a bit to do with Palestine, American Jews think Israeli Jews should be less hostile and warlike.


I have Jewish relatives, they are solid Democrats, they have been to Israel.

As a citizen without vast, vast foreign policy insight, I do figure you hardly ever go wrong being on the side of Israel with what they want to do with their situation.