Foregone conclusion

Thursday, October 16 2014 I was admitted to the hospital with a cellulitis infection in my right leg. I had infected a cut, probably, during a household project the weekend prior. I started antibiotic treatment right away once I felt sick enough to go get admitted to the hospital but it did not have the appearance of taking immediately. On the following Sunday, 10/19, my right leg was a tomato and I was taken to surgery. The surgeon was going to pull back my leg skin a bit and take a look around for necrosis. I think the assumption was, cuz it looked like it, that my leg had a lot of dying tissue and that much of it would get taken off. I think that was the foregone conclusion.

And then that didn’t happen, because he pulled back the skin in some places and it looked clean. He taped those incisions closed and took me back to my room.

I’m just really glad that it wasn’t a foregone conclusion to this man, ya know… that he could be persuaded otherwise. It strikes me that in the world a lot of people just do what they think they are going to do an hour or a day before, and don’t get their mind changed.

That whole process, I willfully tried to get healthy, such that I had control over it. I like to think that was a big deal, and it wasn’t nothing for sure, but it might have been 75% just being real fortunate.


First world problem – 199.72

IPGP… Integrated Photonics…. Quote this morning. I bought 50 shares in, I dunno, March @114.65. In my IRA. So, big gain. Wowzers. Also invested in NVIDIA this year. Another big gain. Had a few shares of Tesla for a time. Walked away from it with a meaningful profit, over like 6-8 weeks, but it was too volatile, too crazy for me.

Ya know, in the 90s I tried the stock market. Did well on 3COM / Palm Pilot. Remember Palm Pilot? Lost $ on some shittier stock picking, what were momentum stocks at the time. Broke even about overall, then bought a house and had kids and went about 15 years not investing in stocks.

So I return to this needing to goose my retirement $, cuz I’m 48. It’s not a terrible outlook, I figure I’ll work until I’m 70, you can get a lot of compounding in 22 years. But still, there’s some necessity to go for aggressive returns. But ya can’t pick shitty momentum stocks this time around. So, had a couple principles in mind to start this again.

1st, was basically going to invest in credible companies in tech for 10%+ compound returns. Chip makers, etc. But the overriding principle is CREDIBILITY, they have to be serious going concerns. Have to be reporting sales and profits. I read a lot of Motley Fool stuff on investing, but also tried to not become a complete fan boy of their stock picking advice. Don’t want to be culty like that.

2nd, was not going to be put off by superficially high share prices already, ie, if it was $100 a share and you could only buy 50 shares, that was going to be fine.

3rd, was not going to trade a great deal. If these things were hanging in there, was going to stay hands off.

All good.

This IPGP… this was one of those stocks. $10B company or so, smallish for a chipfab but growing, solid. There wasn’t any bad words to be read about it at the time, slam dunk, bought the shares. We are late in the year and this thing keeps going up. What’s curious is, ya know, there’s a lot of Fing chaff out there in the internet about stocks. Basically spam. I can’t even find borderline spam to read out there on the internet to figure out why this company keeps going up. There’s a first world problem for ya.

Trump cuts the insurer payment: there will be blow back and reach around and unintended consequences.

Yes, when ‘the fix’ comes, more money gets spent, not less, kiddies. That’s the adult realization one should have. And all this moronic Trump stuff does is push it in that direction.

So, this is comforting in a way, even though there’s going to be near term chaos.

Ya know, I’m a Democrat on health care now…. Step up people and figure out a way to finance it. Taxes. But I think the technical point that the risk corridor money wasn’t allotted by Congress is correct.

I just paid my HealthPartners premium this morning. $1035.78. And we’re healthy enough that there’s never an insurer payment on my claims, we never meet the deductible, so you’re never without like a $1k balance due to the clinic.


Harvey Weinstein has a sex addiction problem right, where his compulsion prevents him from adhering to a conventional ethical norm that says you don’t ask young actresses to ‘massage’ you naked in exchange for a film role…

And this has been going on for 35 years or so…

I bet if you are a Hollywood producer, it’s fairly easy to sleep with starlets and give them roles and have the quid pro quo be a lot more ambiguous such that one doesn’t get into trouble over it. Maybe Harvey Weinstein couldn’t play on that ambiguity because he’s not a terribly handsome devil.

Harvey Weinstein is the left’s Bill O’Reilly eh. He does seem a bit worse though. A bit more rapey. Not that O’Reilly wasn’t rapey. But Weinstein is more.

There’s a bit of sex hypocrisy to be pinned on the left here right. There’s also the money hypocrisy. Weinstein is going to get on a company jet that’s probably owned by a shell corp in a tax domicile and go to rehab… Hollywood is all bullshit.

I was reading about the business. These are partnership LLCs right, these movie production distribution companies. Ten hitters come together and throw in $5M each, and they get the rest from the bank, which they have to sign for…. After obligations, they are not billionaires, not like the software dudes. But ya figure Harvey can liquidate and get out with some tens of millions. And he’s like, fighting that, and it’s a foregone conclusion anyway. Deal with it, you’re out, go retire, you won’t starve…

I don’t think if Hillary or Obama were president that these exposes would have made it to print.

I buy the Ronan angle.