Shitholes: Part III, Zingy knows the Scandinavian diaspora, just ask him

I was already thinking about these themes, so I will elevate it to a post:

I’ve been delving into my own Swedishness lately but I’m as significantly Norwegian. My mother’s father (my grandpa…) was born in 1914 to what by then were the children of Norwegian homesteaders in Roberts County, South Dakota. He was entirely Norwegian, my mother is half, I guess I’m a quarter which is more than I am Swede by just a little. That family group came out of the Bergen area, sent one of their young men to check out eastern South Dakota in 1877, the rest followed in a couple years.

I’m more nimble with the details of my Swedish family’s emigration at this moment, but I suspect it’s identical to my Norwegian family’s… They were poor, they were farming, and there were near famine conditions where they were in Scandinavia.

Ya know, not qualitatively different from a Somali family’s motivation to leave Somalia…

The article:

Yeah, tracks with my experience. My Norwegian ancestors were still poor a generation after arriving in the US, and they were further dislocated by pre-depression farm economy volatility in the 1920’s…. I feel like as a family group we didn’t get settled onto a path to prosperity until after the second world war. There’s a Midwestern Okie parallel there that no one’s done a PHD dissertation on yet.

Are all the brown immigrants of this era going to make it? Yeah, eventually.

About that… the Scandinavians didn’t have all that rough a time because of that very thing… to the extent we’re ethnic… and it’s arguable we are not ‘ethnic’, not in a way that WASPs cared about… we were a favored ethnic group. Immigrants of color had / have it harder.


Shitholes: Part II in a continuing discussion of immigration

Yes, Trump’s preference for Norwegian immigrants does reflect poorly on his intelligence and wisdom.

Amateur big thinker that I am, I do know that a society’s dynamism and economic growth is linked to population growth.

So, ours really isn’t growing in excess of the replacement rate. This is what happens to economically and technologically mature societies… families don’t have a lot of babies.

So yeah, you get those value adding bodies through immigration, and they come in at the bottom of the ladder, but its an improvement over their native circumstances.

Seems a bit exploitive for those of us already here with our established affluence, but that’s the way it is, and its not a reflection on anyone.

But the exploitiveness does feel a little dirty, not just because you’re bringing in people to pluck chickens when you wouldn’t have you’re kids take those jobs. But you’re also extracting resources from other countries, those resources being people.

Those countries would be better off with those people, provided they were all getting along at home

I’d like to beg the question: shitholes

Sooooo, there are no third world shitholes out there? To acknowledge a reality where there is a third world and that it has shitholes is racist?

I didn’t vote for Trump, alright…. I’m quite, quite prepared to agree he’s not qualified to be President, in so, so many ways. But this strikes me as Democrats trying to disallow Republicans from talking about the immigration issue in realistic terms, ie realistic as in conforming to reality.

Not that I want to have Trump be the champion for a realistic view of immigration, either.

But there are shitholes in the world and we’re not obligated to take their people, and we’re certainly not obligated to import foreign populations where half of them go to work in poultry factories and half of them go on welfare. People can think there’s something hinky about that without being ‘racists’. By the way, neither Nigeria or Haiti stands out in that way.

I was going to get around here on the blog to a Pinker video where he says Trump voters took the red pill… ya know, Matrix analogy, and in a way that flatters red staters’ perception of reality. Pinker is saying a lot of people went Trump because left liberal culture uses political correctness to prohibit people from talking about reality. Some of Pinker’s example realities were that mercantile capitalism is good, there are some demographic crime stat differences, that men and women are not the same though they have distributive overlap…that Islam breeds most of the terror in the world…

Throw immigration into that group of topics.

PS: Yes, I’m sure Trump is an awful bigot and racist

I’ve said this here in this exact way dozens of times:  the gun show loophole might be a millimeter wide in practice…

…because the gunny soft skills required to navigate the private sellers market obviates most thugs and cranks from getting weapons on said market.

Look how often sellers broke off contact when they got skittish about some of the buyers’ attributes.  Like, always:

That’s the way it is, commonly, overwhelmingly commonly.  You have to have an Armslist seller etc be very at ease to complete a transaction, and the way you make them at ease is by being credible.  Any hint that you’re not, and they break off contact, everyone’s so scared of the ATF…

I just got this off AL.  1955 gun.  Took an almost exorbitant amount of sweet talking to make it happen.


Yesterday in Conservative media:  If Trump is so racist how come black unemployment is at an all time low huh huh

That gist is made in several places better than here, but I try to not grab links from conservative media:

I think these things lack for an explanation of what Trump might have done to make employment gain easier for blacks.  Cuz, it’s not obvious, ….  I can think of one, maybe…that the difference in tone / policy on immigration encourages corporations to hire native born workers over foreign born workers.

But really, we’re at full employment at this moment and I think it’s a kinda a function of demographics and….classical Neo-liberalist econ policy.

Yeah, 8 years of boring economic policy after the mortgage crisis.  Which isn’t to say I thought Bush policy was terrible by comparison.  But, you recover from the intervening crisis with baby steps, boring baby steps.

Bundys let off by Obama judge because Holder’s DOJ and Comey’s FBI…

… couldn’t navigate a winnable case without lying their asses off, when lying wasn’t necessary to win…

I’m sure this is an isolated example though, and that say the Clinton email matter was handled completely professionally, blind to the scales of justice and all that.