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Gun danger vs. car danger

Just some spitballs from me…

Big photo: stock photo of a guy with a derringer seems an editorial frivolity to me.  It’s “low info”.

Derringers are a ‘thing’, indeed to this day. They’re not importable by the way because of the 1968 Gun Control Act. So all contemporary derringers are made in the USA. And they’re simple in design, so if you’re a good machinist you can somewhat easily build them. After that if you can master the compliance, sales, and marketing, you have a chance to flourish as a gunmaker. Cuz they still sell, there’s a not insignificant amount of guys who will buy one at least once in their lives.

But they are not a serious point of discussion.  They’re the ‘toys’ of the gun world, however that word might be imperfect.   Real concealed carry guys… and I am not one, I don’t carry…. don’t carry derringers.

Graph: The graph is the basis for a claim that gun deaths will outnumber car deaths soon. But what you see in the graph is a drop of 10,000 car deaths a year from 2006 to 2010, while ya figure gun deaths in total are tracking higher merely relative to population growth.

So with the convergence a result of dropping car deaths, there’s not actually any alarming trends here. Thus, I think it’s fair to criticize the premise of ‘rising gun deaths’ vs. cars as a disingenuous statistical scare tactic. I have to wonder about the comparison itself though. Did car deaths really plummet by 10,000 a year over 3-4 years? This seems astounding. Why did it happen?

Lowering gun deaths bullet points: I’m not energized to make pragmatic, technical rebuttals against assault weapon laws, magazine capacity laws, public carry laws…. Ya know, yeah…. I’m quite sure those are desirable changes if you’re of that mind. My side won, so I don’t badger the losers with pedantic counter arguments. But I’d say I’m bemused that gun controllers self-righteously cling to these oblique epidemiological claims when it’s an ideological argument that’s going to have to be won. And this argument is basically impossible to win. So good luck.

Do note the item about ‘junk guns’. ‘Junk guns’, ‘Saturday night special’…. With a couple exceptions, cheapie zinc-y street pistols are almost lost to history. These days a credible, entry level revolver or semi-auto is say $275 MSRP. You’re doing some value shopping at that price, but it can be done. And what’s absurd is the quality you get for that price. There’s almost no fly by nighters trying to push crap. Much the opposite.  Which is to say, there’s no necessity for a new law that solves the non-existent problem of ‘junk guns’