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I didn’t know this:  Cantaloupe sized balls

I knew he wasn’t a wimp.  I didn’t know much else in this story; the villa encounter in El Salvador, the Gorbachev communique…

Thing is, that kind of steadiness, calm, and serenity requires cantaloupe sized testicles, figuratively speaking.  He was obviously exceptional that way, along with a couple other great personal attributes.

So the wimp meme was essentially made up out of thin air.

I never voted for him.  ’88 was first time I voted, and it was for Dukakis.  ’92 I voted for BC.


Dead broke and struggling

To recap:  The Clintons did face some financial hardships when they left the Whitehouse.  There was a 7 figure legal bill funded by a 7 figure legal defense fund, which probably left a balance due, albeit one with flexible payment terms allowed by lawyers who understood the unique nature of having the Clintons for clients.  Also, the necessity to buy a multi-million $ house in NY so that the open senate seat there could be credibly carpet bagged.  That’s probably a stretch to do on Mrs. Clinton’s $8 million dollar book advance in 2000 and Mr. Clinton’s $400k a year salary at the time.  They struggled.  They probably had to delay payment on concierge invoices at times in 2001.  Like an average middle class family.

Not really, of course.  A middle class household ‘struggling to make ends meet’:

  • Puts off grocery shopping until payday
  • Has a process for managing its overdrafts
  • Juggles the mortgage payment, letting it go until the end of grace because something else came up
  • Lets accrued medical bills / deductibles slip into collections
  • Is behind on utilities, because utilities don’t engage in punitive credit reporting

That’s what ‘struggling to make ends meet’ means.  Even granting that the Clinton’s may not have been very liquid in 2001, I doubt they suffered any of that.

So is Hillary lying?  Yes, but it’s not completely mendacious, ya know, such as ‘if you like your plan / doctor  you can keep it”.  Here Mrs. Clinton is guilty of merely conversational fabulism of the ‘bullshitting / out of touch’ variety.

It’s something though, and these little dings can add up.  It’s an unforced error that could have been avoided.

Sawyer basically asked her (I paraphrase in order to provide context), “why does Bill rack up tens of millions on the corporate chicken dinner circuit, it seems unseemly …”

A great answer does not require construction of some hollow analogy to the middle class.  There’s one good answer, and it’s simple.  The response is “you know, it’s a job that pays well for him, and we’re blessed.  But the big thing is, we never felt like we were ready to stop working for people.  He felt he still had a lot of things to say, and there’s a lot of initiatives we want to support.  Him speaking is a way to get those ideas out and then fund some of those initiatives we’re part of.”

Easy.  If they haven’t understood they would get asked that, then yes, they are out of touch.  But I would figure they have a decent PR / speech person on staff who would be attuned to both Sawyer’s question and the weakness of the middle class analogy.  If not, I am available.

Memewatch: gay wedding cakes

The right side is winning, eh?  Gays can come out of the closet, play major league sports, get married.  I see that gays and lesbians are even penetrating the film industry in California.  All good stuff.  This is not going to be a big deal in the future, and I don’t have much pithy observation on the current culture war showdowns.

I do say, to the fundies worried that someone is going to have to fulfill a cake order they don’t want to for a gay wedding:  Really?  This is the real world manifestation of your principled objection?  C’mon man.   I’m taking this overly literal, I’m sure.  I mean, cakes is just an analogy, for the most part.  It’s just that it sucks as an analogy.  If I was a cake shop proprietor there’s no way I’d turn down a cake job for a couple hundred bucks because the betrothed were gay.  What you do is, take your cake payment, and fulfill your cake order.

In terms of memes, on the other side there is a Facebook viral going around that makes this public accommodations quarrel analogous to a lunch counter discrimination in the south way back when.  That’s probably an overstatement, and its not quite tweaking my moral outrage.

Memewatch: PPACA, employee headcounts, mandate avoidance.

This was percolating yesterday:

I certainly can get as red meat indignant as anyone on the right, but I do pride myself for a discerning eye.  IE, it’s gotta be true.  You don’t want to be a hopeless, pathetic chump for the equivalent of this:

So apparently, there is now a ‘self certification’ requirement for employee headcounts that the IRS will enforce.  If you have employees, you have to attest that your personnel counts are not made with Obamacare headcount thresholds in mind.

There is no statutory text for this in PPACA.  So if true, it’s all the lawlessness and mendacity everyone on the right might say it is.  Only problem is, the only source is “administration officials” say.

So it could be a crock, something of a false flag.  We’ll see.