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Things I didn’t know: advanced thought on gingers as a proxy for race discussions

1. Cranky and recalcitrant as I am, I don’t actually disagree with this guy’s deconstructive cultural analysis here

2. I don’t watch South Park. My kids are both over 10 now, and I was somewhat surprised to find in the last year that South Park is still a thing. I was very well aware of Parker and Stone’s past real achievements in satire and irony spotting.

3.  I wouldn’t let my kids watch South Park.  They see it at other kids houses.

4. Chappelle’s inability to be ironic due to cultural ground shift or cultural ignorance is now something of a trope. Seen this observation a few times over the last couple months. It’s supposed to reflect poorly on white people I gather. Not sure I buy that.

5. I always thought in itself, ‘ginger’ was a very affectionate descriptor.

6. Though it’s probably dated, I’m still partial to the word ‘cute’ as an adjective. Ginger women tend to be cute. My wife, Ms. RiverRocks, is a ginger. She’s German / Irish…. Like Tom Hagen….


I didn’t know this:  Cantaloupe sized balls

I knew he wasn’t a wimp.  I didn’t know much else in this story; the villa encounter in El Salvador, the Gorbachev communique…

Thing is, that kind of steadiness, calm, and serenity requires cantaloupe sized testicles, figuratively speaking.  He was obviously exceptional that way, along with a couple other great personal attributes.

So the wimp meme was essentially made up out of thin air.

I never voted for him.  ’88 was first time I voted, and it was for Dukakis.  ’92 I voted for BC.