NRA kinda crosses my line in the sand

I was probably more than OK with La Pierre’s “jack-booted thugs” and “good guys with guns”. Not OK with this.

This Loesch is a bit of another rw dragon lady.

I’ve been a dues scofflaw anyway as a 2nd amendment absolutist, have been free riding basically. I dunno, it’s probably that I don’t believe 2A rights are in any real danger, I don’t feel the urgency. But they call, ya know, probably every 3 months…. they are basically one of the only entities that still has my land line number… and they ask for their $35 bucks… and I like my $35…. And there’s no way they are going to educate me in the course of a conversation…. so I hang up on them.

Now I have a better reason!

This is not true, however. A bit hyperbolic.


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