Fastballs don’t actually skip frames

“Jipplinger” struck out 13 in 8 innings in our game. That’s no high school fastball.

I been mulling this vision thing with good fastballs, ie how to describe it. Recall, people see 15 frames a second. So the thing with good fastballs is, where I said they skip frames…. I mis-described that. Good fastball doesn’t jump say frame 3 to frame 5 without appearing in frame 4. It’s just that with a good fastball, the spot at which your brain sees it in the picture in frame 4 is quite a bit further away from where it was in frame 3. And with that, the ball’s progress is taking on a streakish appearance. It’s probably because the brain is filling in some action that you’re not actually seeing with your vision itself because of that aforementioned 15 frame a second limit.

I’m not out on a limb. I read advanced baseball guys say this occurs at about 83-84 mph. I came to understand it then by experiencing it myself and discerning it.

75-80 mph fastball, standard amateur fastball, by comparison….. you can see the whole thing. Qualitatively it’s a paper airplane floating on a straight path, not a blur… And guys who throw 77 do not strike out 13 in amateur ball.


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