Jots with dots 8/4/17

This guy was no alpha male

Latest JFK dump: Yes, Oswald did it, and he was pretty darn PO’d about the CIAs secret attempts to kill Castro

Analysis: true – The lefts immigration problem is that its pro-open borders Generally, I think its right to understand Hillary lost becauise she lost, and had no collusionary assistance in that regard from the Russians. But that Wikipedia dump with the thing where she told Goldman Sachs she was open borders…. That was a big deal. But ya know, she shouldn’t have said it.

I thought it was better than the prevailing sentiment would lead you to believe Strib review it as poor also.


One thought on “Jots with dots 8/4/17

  1. pm1956

    I understand that open borders is a loser politically….but it is a winner economically. Hillary is correct to be in favor of open borders and greater immigration. Now I will say that I don’t mind a shift to immigration based on skills/education, and I don’t even mind giving some preference to people who speak english. Still, we need to allow more to immigrate legally, because we need immigration if we are going to keep social security and medicare economically viable over the long term. Our population needs to grow, or else our economy will shrink, and cutting immigration is just cutting off our nose…or, rather, our own throats.

    At some point responsible politicians need to explain economic facts to the voters, rather than pandering to their ignorance.


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