Jots w/ dots 7/28/17

ACA Repeal is dead, long live ACA Repeal I am now pro-ObamaCare, but I do think there’s a danger for it to be unfair that Democrats react to every effort at reform with such apocalyptic shrieking. Now, maybe it’s not unfair here, given the intentions of Republicans or their incompetence, ie, the chance that they just F things up. But the PPACA is going to need to be adjusted at some point and I don’t actually see that elimination of the individual mandate should be off the table. I don’t see that healthy, unsubsidized ratepayers are kicking in that much premium now, I think the system can probably get by without them…. My wife has a client who must be very Trumpy, because this week she comes from work and asks sort of awkwardly, “Did John McCain consort with the North Vietnamese or something…?” Way to get me started on a 15 minute lecture. “Fuck..No…And where did you hear that?”… Anyway, if they would have gotten McCain’s vote on skinny repeal they could have had a tie that Pence could break. It’s just an incredible thing that enough the R votes can’t be whipped, the chaos.

Analysis: True This Mooch guy thing is the damndest thing I can think of. So, Reince is / was a serious person right? Why does he stay?

Analysis: seems to be pretty true, kind of describes me and my ilk that come from the white ethnic (Irish people…) Catholic diaspora in this country.

Trans Army People Here’s a thing: A qualitatively serious case could be made, and made without bias, that the military should be able to bar people who don’t have their gender sorted out because it’s a distraction / because medically they are high maintenance. But, ya know, Trump and the Administration are not qualitatively serious people so one can not take them as if they make a real argument there anyway… This is kind of a sop to the fundies though right, and isn’t really a rational thing.


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