Put me in life coach, I’m ready to play

Current status: It’s real, I’m now a pull hitter

5 for 18…. .278 BA

OB, 10 for 23, .435

4 walks, 1 HBP, 4 RBI, 3 runs

Here in my age 48 season, Sunday’s game brought me another candidate for hardest ball I’ve ever hit in my life. Might be the one.

6-5 guy on the mound, threw hard, qualitatively kind of a ‘real baseball’ guy…. IE he played college ball, he didn’t matriculate into amateur ball from the sand lots like me. Good shape fella, I understand him to be just over 35. Played at Wartburg IA 2000-04. I thought he was at 83-84, ball was just at that point it starts looking ‘streakish’ coming to the plate, jumping frames in your vision.

All fastballs, I think I went under one that was neck high and fouled a hopper down 3rd before we get to 3-2. 3-2, I expected he could throw me a strike on full count but wasn’t thinking much else. He did, he tried to throw a good fastball down the middle. Thigh high, I got all of it.

I think it landed at about the 310 spot on the left field line. Fence is at 325. Probably best I can do, I don’t expect I’m yet to find I have over the fence power with wood bats. Again had a runner on who stopped at second and prevented me from a double. But, I got completely around on this guy’s 84 mph fastball, and it’s a function of, in this order:

3. Having a lot of mass now that I didn’t expect to have coming from a family of gnomes as I do

2. I have done a couple thousand rounds of cage BP as an adult and I have mastered a technically correct swing where my hands can get through, seemingly, against almost anyone

1. The zen baby. Quiet mind at the plate

So the zen. In other threads we have reason to talk healer women and meditation and wellness and life coaches (Damond was a life coach). I’m not following anyone’s regimen, but I have been exposed to a bits of people’s knowledge and have seemed to have processed it. Particularly, say, your anxiety is truly pointless, and one can just shed it. Ya know, like strike out shame anxiety. And on demand you can clear your head save for the guitar riff you are doing in your mind while you have an at bat.

I dunno if I was obtuse all those years or if this is the spot in life where your mind opens itself to truths but I’m glad I decided to play again and have things revealed in this way while I was still capable of doing it. Did pop the ligaments in my right foot the other night. I think it will heal quick.

In similar news, Bartolo Colon’s first start for Twins tonight.


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