Earl Gray, Robert Bennett, call your offices…

Had a great weekend. Its summer, and much is pleasant. The household is hitting on all 8 cylinders generally. And ya know, a macro level here is the husband and the wife getting along right. I think with the accumulation of age and wisdom my wife and I are ascending to a good place, getting to a sweeter spot.

Some words ought to be expended here about her. She did the heaviest lifting of our child raising here, as a stay at home mom, and I have very good kids. My boys are nice and well socialized and pretty easy to manage… they don’t do anything bad. I’m like…wow, how’d I get lucky like that. Well it’s both of us, but, ya know… it’s my wife. Bigly.

The boys are teenagers now and a couple years ago she began contemplating what she was going to do for a career. She began seminar-ing at these meditation and healing places here in the cities. Her favorite place was Echo Bodine’s down on say the 40 south block of Chicago Ave. It was there she figured out how to navigate a career in healing through massage therapy. She’s doing really well with a practice now that she’s graduated from massage school.

At this point, what I’d say is I am credibly conversant in contemporary healer type women, right…. Now I dunno what to think about the energy work of Reiki. I have doubting Thomas instincts… seems too hokus pokus, too ‘use the force’… but I also know my wife is bringing a certain juice to her methodology. I can feel it. It comes out her fingertips, and it’s exquisite.

What’s undeniable, and impossible to argue otherwise, is that these women who are into this are pretty darn altruistic / empathic.

So, I’m really at a loss here how the coppers in Mpls are going to claim this Lake Harriet healer woman say lunged at them with a knife such that they felt in fear for their lives so they had to kill her at the window of the squad car. Ya know, it would smack of bullshit. Lies and bullshit.

That’s kind of a snark. A disgusted snark.

The healer woman community also has a thing for ‘intuitiveness’, and I tellya, I feel like I had a premonition myself as I was writing about the dogs getting shot by cops in MPLS last week. Now a point I was trying to articulate was, basically, you affluent white people in good MPLS neighborhoods really ought not feel comfortable calling the cops. The pervasive irresponsible gun handling of the police is going to put you at risk just as it would a minority in a crappy neighborhood. IE, they’ll shoot your dogs and wreck your house with no qualms. They are trained to do this, and they think they are entitled to do this as a matter of imposing their will on any given law enforcement situation.

And I was thinking but didn’t write… a person in Kenwood or SW is going to call the cops for a burglary investigation and get shot. An affluent person, probably a white person. And then all hell will really break lose and maybe drive some proper changes.

…etc… I have no qualms speculating, I have informed insight….

My best uninformed guess is one cop had an unholstered gun, was handling it, and shot the healer woman by accident.

It is curious that we haven’t had any statements leak out from the police or its union that are exculpatory to the two patrolmen. I can only imagine it’s so transparently negligent that it can’t be lied away.

Harteau will be out by Friday as a function of the cams problem.

Body cams weren’t on and squad video didn’t capture the shooting, but I bet there’s audio on the video that captured the shooting.

There will be a manslaughter indictment from Freeman.

Actually not obvious to me Earl Gray takes this totally paid for $250k defense job if its unwinnable due to transparent negligence.

Civil settlement will be $6 million.


2 thoughts on “Earl Gray, Robert Bennett, call your offices…

  1. pm1956

    and it gets weirder. Wielding a knife? shot multiple times? by the first Somali-American cop in the precinct?

    So much of this simply does not make sense, at least right now. Wonder if the partner is going to toss him to the wolves or not? At some point, the p;olice are going to have to start to police themselves, and agree to get rid of the ones who are not doing a good job (Yanez appears to have panicked when he shot Castile–would have been nice if his partner had said that).

    You and I basically agree on this situtuation–there are too many police shooting too many civilians, and that is not a good thing. The police are not behaving as if they are there to protect and to serve. At best, they are risk averse with respect to themselves while being perfectly willing to risk the lives of others. At worst, they are becoming a form of parasites on the body politic ( living on fines and confiscations). This is not something that society can tolerate. And the police unions are worse than useless. I think that it is terrible that we have to wait for white people to start being shot to correct this, but what would be even worse is if it still doesn’t get corrected.

    Here is a thought: the GOP has long wanted to limit public employees union power. Think that they might be willing to start with the police unions first?

    FWIW, I think that massage is really useful. Energy work seems dubious at best. I do have a good friend who has been in this line of work for a number of years (had kidney disease, and knew that he was slowly losing his vision, so decided that this would be a good career move for him). Took him a while to get to the point where he was able to create his own book of clients and so avoid the creeps, but he really loves it now. Has lots of stories about people (both male and female) asking him for happy endings, etc.

  2. pm1956

    FWIW, I know Tom Plunkett, who is the lawyer representing the officer (Noor). He is a good, stand up, no nonsense criminal defense lawyer. Low key and very thorough. Well respected. Not really a media hound.

    This could be his chance to move up into the big leagues. I expect he will do the best possible job for his client.


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