Robert Bennett, call your office

If you don’t get the reference… Bennett is the local super lawyer that litigates police misconduct. He worked the Castile civil suit, as he has just about every other important case of its type in the last 20 years.

MPD arrives on the premises of a city residence to investigate a burglary alarm, shoots the homeowners two dogs.

Couple things…

Cops are trained to always shoot the dogs and the state on the police report that the dogs were aggressive. Doesn’t matter whose dogs they are. Its boilerplate.

This particular example seems to have been inflicted on a hardscrabble but law abiding family in north. But this is the kind of thing that middle class and affluent white people with security systems in the better neighborhoods don’t really have an exemption from. If the cops arrive to check on a burglary alarm in a good neighborhood, they may very well shoot your dog.

I imagine the city pays out on this, low tens of thousands.


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