Current status: Hitting a wicked line drive at an outfielder about every third at bat

3 for 13… .230 BA

OB, 7 for 17, .411 OBP

3 walks, 1 hbp, 4 rbi

This is OK, not a great BA but I’m an effective hitter in this wood bat league.

First at bat last night, guy pitching was a relatively hard thrower for this league… ya know, 78-79-80 ish. Poor command though. Started the inning, he walked two guys and he threw one fastball for a strike doing it.

So I got up, ball one, ball two, ball three. What would Ted Williams do 3-0? Take it, you always take it. And he threw me a perfunctory strike. 3-1 pitch he throws me another one in the same spot, down and in, and I dropped the bat head on it and pulled a screaming line drive to the LF. Loudest of outs there, one of quite a few for me this year.

I keep going back to this because I like hitting, duh. But I’m astonished to be at this place in my life where I hit the inside pitch so hard. I’m a bigger man now, bigger than I ever had any idea I’d be at a soft 210. But its mostly mental, it’s the zen thing. Quiet mind at the plate. Which you have to do on purpose right.

If I get in shape my age 49 season is going to be something.

Star Tribune article on Townball in Stearns County:

Reusse knows amateur baseball in this state better than any other sports writer. He does have an errant headline here such that it lends one to believe the Stearns County League is singular in its popularity / success. Thing is, amateur baseball is thriving EVERYWHERE in the state. In the Twin Cities as well. The state scene here in MN is unique, men don’t play amateur baseball in these numbers in other states.


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