Yanez trial

I’ve been following it.  Wanted to write about it, but, been busy.

It does seem both sides are delivering professional, competent lawyer-ship, the prosecution with its earnest case and the defense with its bullshit case.

I say that because the defense’s “reasonability” hinges on Yanez claiming to have seen Castile’s gun, which I think is almost no doubt an unfalsifiable “testi-lie” that the police are allowed in our country.

Anyway… If I had to guess what’s going to happen, I’d say there is a 60/40 chance Yanez does not get convicted.

Now, doesn’t mean he gets acquitted.  I do think the jury will hang.  Ya know, for all the defense bitched about venue during pre-trial, fact is its very easy among a mostly white jury to have included at least one of these people who are just certain it’s the black man’s fault because he didn’t comply with the officer that was ‘just doing his job’ and all that.

So, I’d guess some people in the jury get convinced of Yanez’ basic irresponsibility / unreasonableness here… cuz you see that if you are not blind, eh…. and then there are one or a couple who wont, and the jury will hang.  Which is a defense victory.

2nd probability is a conviction, 3rd is an outright acquittal.


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