They cant get me out

I returned to amateur ball last year.  I found myself a spot in a 35+ league, at which point… I might have been the oldest guy in the league at 47.  Maybe.  Outer edge for sure.

And I sucked, hit about .150 with a bunch of strikeouts.  So, the rational thing was to play another season right.

I feel like they can’t get me out this year.  They actually have, of course, gotten me out.  I’m hitting .250, 1 for 4 (small sample size so far) 2 walks, 1 run.  But, hitting line drives.

I went to the cage in Hudson over the winter quite a bit, and no doubt it helped.  But the other thing is, I quit Adderall.  Was on it about 8 years for adult ADHD.

Quit it because my blood pressure was borderline high, and it seemed sensible to understand that one had to take an off ramp on the whole deal sooner or later.  Probably before late middle age.

Well, one of the things that happened was… I don’t feel this ambient dizziness that I think I felt for 8 years.

Just remarking, because I don’t think I ever read Adderall screwed up your balance.

I like Adderall, by the way.  But, it is speed, nothing more.


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