New car smell…

…is awesome, a delight eh.

We needed another car.  I got a Volkswagen with a blown valve in the shop (worst car decision ever, that one).  Also have a Toyota Corolla with 230K miles on it (best car decision ever, but how long can it last?)

Anyway, we’ve been down to one car and we are matriculating a new driver in the household… we’ll have 3 drivers.  Wife has a career and income now, we needed another car, a new one.

Not that we were going to go nutso.  Sweet spot of value and utility seemed to rest with the crossovers that are so popular these days, can get a great one for $25k or so, even less.

Was going to jaunt up highway 61 in Maplewood yesterday where all the car dealerships are.  Had a list, was going to check out Kia’s, Toyota’s, Honda’s.  Buerkle Honda was first off the ramp.  We didn’t make it out of there without a car, took all of 2 hours.

Honda’s are good, no brainer.  HRV.  It’s about the size a CRV use to be (they are bigger now).  Snappy little piece.  Took a true zero down lease.



One thought on “New car smell…

  1. pm1956

    Never had anything less than an excellent experience with Honda. Owned 4 of them at various times–2 bought new, 2 bought used. Amazing how well the value held up over time.


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