I’m not persuaded by facts that Obamacare saved the Purmorts from bankruptcy

This is a reasonably well known story by this point.  Local young man Aaron Purmort had a cancer battle and died.  His wife Nora is a skilled essayist, and was able to make that experience well known.  She’s become kind of prolific.  And quite political.


Just saying, as a matter of granular fact…. I don’t know that Obamacare made the difference in keeping the Purmorts from bankruptcy.  It’s not obvious to me that Aaron’s cancer treatment, in the pre Obamacare days, would have hit the lifetime cap on a typical BCBS style plan offered by an employer.

Ya know… maybe.  If he had nearly $1M in treatment and had a $1M cap, you got an argument.  If he had $450K in treatment and a $1M cap, you don’t.   If he had $450K in treatment and a $2M cap, you don’t.

So, shes not demonstrating to me that her point is true.

I’m more than vaguely in favor expanded and / or universal health care at this point.  I remain against baloney / bullshit argumentation, especially the kind that seeks to capture moral authority.



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