Comey letter, part bazillion:  My theory is, Hillary was ALWAYS going to lose, and this supports that

Hillary was sinking in Florida pre-Comey letter

You had a lot of people in Sept or October who weren’t acknowledging they were going to vote for Trump, while they were in fact never, ever going to vote for Hillary.

She was never going to win.  Never.

Of course, she had a chance all alongSome, small chance and potentiality.  But it required perfect execution that exceeded the skills of the risible crew in her campaign apparatus, and it required some luck.  And it required her to best the two term pendulum swing back to Republicans.

Whatever, yeah, Comey’s letter moved the voting needle.  But it was about the 15th most important thing .  It didn’t ‘cause’ Hillary to lose.

BTW, Comey was up on the hill the other day again, and he made a point I made here some weeks ago…  The Comey letter comes off the chaos chain started when Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch had their meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix.  It was an externality.


3 thoughts on “Comey letter, part bazillion:  My theory is, Hillary was ALWAYS going to lose, and this supports that

  1. pm1956

    Couple of points:

    1. Hillary was a weak candidate.
    2. Trump was also a weak candidate–basically a protest cnadidate.
    3. Hillary ran a poor campaign–basically, she played it extremely safe/conservative. She did not understand Trump’s appeal, and she played into that.
    4. Hillary should have won, but she was not able to turn out Obama voters. The margin of victory in Ohio, Wisconsin and PA was lower than the the reduced number of Obama voters in the larger cities (from 2012 election).

    Comey had it in for her, and has not been honest about it. (see: The letter hurt her, and might have been (in conjunction with the e-mail scandal) what did her in. But that was an own goal, an unforced error–the email scandal (not really all that much of a scandal) was another example of her playing it safe, and unnecessary.

    Taken together, this set of circumstances suppressed some of her turnout, but did more in terms of helping trump get his protest vote out. She could still have overcome this, with a well run campaign. Her trunout was still to low to win, even without this.

    1. pm1956

      All of that said, people need to get over this. For better or worse, Trump is president (probably for worse). People who think Hillary was robbed need to focus on the future. Hillary is the past. RIP.


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