Zuckerberg for Pres

You see some scattered observations that Mark Zuckerberg is going to run for President.

I think he probably is.  He’s on a listening tour.


I found myself wondering if he’s going to be constitutionally old enough in 2020 to take the office should he run and win.  He will be, he’ll be 35 and change then.

He’s going to run as a Democrat right?   I think he’d be a pretty compelling candidate actually.

He’s young.  He’s successful (rilly rilly rich).  He’s smart (duh).  He seems to be temperamentally excellent, he comes off as affable and earnest.

He’d be a heavyweight in an open field.  The potential would seem to be truly there for a person like him to win the nomination and the presidency.

He is a white guy though, and with him ‘listening’ to white Ohio-ans that voted for Trump, you get some sense he’d try to ply a centrist path.  Thing is, Democrats seem to have some appetite for a real Sanders type leftist right now.


One thought on “Zuckerberg for Pres

  1. pm1956

    This kind of stuff bothers me. I understand that there is a sense among Democrats to try to pull a Trump: find a billionaire who can self finance and who has no political history (so making attack ads relatively difficult) and can be portrayed as brilliant because he (in this case) is rich.

    I expect that a Zuckerburg or a Musk (although foreign born, hence not qualified) would make many of the same mistakes as Trump. Politics is rather a unique sort of experioence, and running a company, and in particular founding a company, is not a good way to get that experience.


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