420 Jots w/ dots….

Analytics is not a substitute for intelligence… or something…. Because I’m sure there’s a moneyball lesson in here somewhere.  Who made the analytics revolution?  Billy Beane and Nate Silver amirite.  I’m not an apostle, but I think I’m right to remember both Beane and Silver caution that the modern analytics discipline provides ‘another’ piece of insight rather than a ‘superseding’ piece of insight.  The Clinton smart kids didn’t understand that.   Their faith was in an analytics model at the end of a campaign, they didn’t poll in October 2016.  http://nypost.com/2017/04/18/hillary-ran-the-worst-presidential-campaign-ever/  And ostensibly it was because of some instinct for thrift that would seem strangely new to big time campaigns, much less Democrat campaigns…

Bill-O:  I never watched it, never saw one episode.  In the gun business, there was a necessity for me to ping a 75 year old collector on occasion…. Couldn’t call him during The Factor.

This would seem to be the reality, such that one chooses to see it:  http://theweek.com/articles/692863/there-no-real-evidence-that-trump-voters-are-turning-trump

There is no Democrat analog here…  I can’t see Obama having had the opportunity to get a picture snapped with say Tom Morello and Michael Moore.  The Democrats don’t actually have a Palin themselves.


One thought on “420 Jots w/ dots….

  1. pm1956

    Intteresting thing about O’Reilly: the average age of his viewership was 72. This is the core Fox demographic–old (angry?) white men. You could tell just by watching the commercials (catheters, incontinence pads, free electric carts(from the gov’t), etc. And trial lawyers, especially mesothelioma lawsuit chasers. Gold and silver as well)

    I do think that O’Reilly is now positioned to join Ailes and Trump in 2021 for the start of Trump TV, after Trump pulls a jesse ventura and dec ides (in the face of historically bad polling numbers) not to run for re-election.


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