Scouted: The Donald

“Trump’s absence is made all the more conspicuous by the fact that he was reportedly very good at baseball in his youth. His former baseball coach told Rolling Stone that as a senior "we had scouts from the [Philadelphia] Phillies to watch him, but he wanted to go to college and make real money." A former classmate alleged Trump could throw 80 mph, and when playing catcher, Trump was unflinching in the face of speeding foul balls.”

I take it as fact Trump was a fair enough varsity player, ya know, he lettered, but…. bullshit on the rest. The population of 18 year old baseball players in 1965 was no doubt not nearly as robotically muscular as today. But like now, 80 mph was nothing then. A 6’ 2”, say 190 lb 18 year old seen throwing “80 mph” would have been completely unremarkable. That kind of speed didn’t get you ‘scouted’. If a scout was present at your game and you were observed throwing 80 mph, they wouldn’t have taken an index card out of their pocket and written your name on it.

Trump ought to be more than capable of throwing out a first pitch. Tangentially related…. Been hearing all my life Ronald Reagan was left handed. Watched a clip of him throwing out the first pitch at Wrigley in 1984. He threw it right-handed, then signed a bunch of autographs right-handed. Explanation is, I guess, he was very ambidextrous.


One thought on “Scouted: The Donald

  1. pm1956

    Clearly he could make the throw. I mean, he isn’t very athletic any more (kind of fat and paunchy), but he can play 18 rounds of golf, so his shoulders work. How much more do you need to be able to throw one pitch? A little practice and he could re-master distance and direction.

    He won’t do it because he is afraid he’d be booed. He wants audiences that he can control, hand picked, safe.


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