Strict dad doesn’t like TrumpCare

In Republicanism we take pride in the rightfulness of our logic and wisdom that comes from resistance to emotional manipulation, and then that we insist on rewards and remuneration being earned and not given away to encourage sloth….figuratively, the stern / strict dad model eh.

As it relates to politics then, if you believe this I think you ought to be able to explain and justify the Republican position on healthcare to a child with context to TrumpCare and a tough cookies world.

My 12 year old talks politics at his urban liberal enclave charter school, and he likes to be the contrarian… which means arguing for a kind of Republicanism that I guess he’s heard me articulate. Some of that is boot-strapism no doubt. He was preparing for such conversations, and asked me what the GOP position on healthcare is.

I tried my best…. what I said I think the GOP wants (…assuming good faith) is a de-regulated market that has the potential to offer cheap policies that offer meaningful coverage.. and if you don’t buy It then, you’ve only got yourself to blame…

But you can’t recite this and believe it yourself as a dad who knows business and insurance and costs and life. This strict dad wisdom fails on the wisdom part because its willfully obtuse to reality. To math, basically. Reality is that healthcare premiums are big because healthcare is expensive as a matter of quality, and claims can get pretty big. Reality is that as a matter of scale, a handful of the income deciles are just not going to be able to afford it when its normative that 80/20 family policies cause $15k a year. So it’s not their fault when they don’t buy the insurance. They don’t have the money. And it’s not like these people don’t receive ‘care’, they do. Which is good. But their cost is shifted, and it creates chaos.

Let’s be real here…. Trumpcare is not going to enable cheap coverage that anyone buys. So Trumpcare buys more chaos.

Ya know, real strict dad wisdom is probably one that’s sees reality and tries to manage chaos. The poor-poorish have to get care, even if they can’t pay for it. Doctors and the industry apparatus have to get paid. So it has to be financed with a broad revenue base. IE, a tax regime that generates revenue for this purpose. And it should be stable, but the amount it generates does not dictate what is spent. Need dictates what is spent.

I want employer coverage maintained. I think the employer coverage market that serves the bourgeois funds a lot / all of the innovation. I want congress to make a permanent revenue allotment for programs for the uninsured / hard to insure, this pilot fishing along the trends created by employer coverage.

We could call this “ObamaCare”

Mia Culpa? Nice to meet you Mia.


One thought on “Strict dad doesn’t like TrumpCare

  1. pm1956

    I generally agree with you.

    In many ways, Trumpcare is simply an attempt to go backwards in time. Those who lose insurance or fail to get insurance will still get emergency medical care, but the Trumpcare legislation is silent as to who would pay. Basically, this will fall on hospitals and local governments, as it used to be.

    I do not think this will help out GOP chances in 2018.


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