The Woody Kaine riot

In my last post on this, this morning, I kinda ground a cultural axe…

Irrespective of the ‘who’… the what and where are not really being adequately distinguished from normal lefty protest tomfoolerry and contemporary campus hijinks. But what Woody and his pals did at the Capital is way more provocative.

These guys went into the capital, into a public gathering, with black masks on and started throwing fireworks around.

I’m somewhat surprised they didn’t end up shot dead. Cuz any armed security present would have had ironclad justification to do just that. To the extent that didn’t happen, ya know, its merely because in this country we know that the black bloc is the black bloc and not Hezbollah, and the normative, implicit assumption is the black bloc doesn’t throw grenades.

But any proximate security would have had justification to shoot masked intruders throwing ‘bombs’.

They are playing with fire there. Its going to be a pity and a waste borne of stupidity when some of these fellas die for a revolution that never comes.


2 thoughts on “The Woody Kaine riot

  1. pm1956

    I generally agree with you. It was stupid. And highly dangerous, which they apparently did not recognize. I do not think that police or security really would have been justified in killing them, but I doubt that police/security would be convicted under those circumstances (yes, I am sort of splitting hairs, and it may well be the same distinction you are trying to point out, which is that they were stupid, and there are better/safer/more effective ways to make their point).

    One of the realities of college life is that it is an artificial environment. There are pluses and minuses to that. One of the minuses is that some of the normal, everyday things in life that suggest to you that a proposed idea might not be a good/smart idea are absent. Things like more interactions with adults (as opposed to just your peer group), who can, based on experience, say “that might be a dumb idea….”.

    FWIW, his mother was a college classmate of mine. I knew who she was, but not a friend, or really even much of an acquaintance.

  2. pm1956

    Oh, I am glad that the police had no idea that they had arrested the son of a senator, and that there was no contact from the senate office at all. I think that is a very healthy (non)development.


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