Dots w/ jots 3/8/2017

I wrote something wrong yesterday… because my brain is bad, like Donald Trump’s….

I was briefly riffing on asset forfeiture, and was to point out an irony that the left (in this case Vox) states it cares about asset forfeiture, but that Neil Gorsuch would certainly never take the side of a citizen over the police, because he’s a creature of the prosecutorial bar.

Wrong guy, meant to say Merrick Garland, who is among other things, a Vox favorite. Garland makes the ironic point I was going for where Gorsuch would not.

In any event, senior commentor counters with observation of irony that the Sessions DOJ would appear to be a bit "fire and brimstone / law and order", and that this is in opposition to the sensibilities of the blog here.

Yeah, has the potential to be true… though I seem to recall Sessions as a sentence reformer, which would put him on the side of the progressives and libertarians.

Two things oyther about Trump and "law" generally that do disappoint the blog are 1) the Sessions DOJ breathing new life into the war on marijuana 2) an apparent desire by DHS to pat down more 78 year old grandmas at the airport. I had been optimistic there was broad consensus these things were not fruitful.

We’ve had reason to contemplate Sessions a lot in the past weeks, and notably, as a perjurer. Meh… that wasn’t perjury, that thing up there in front of Franken. Not remotely.

I recall this well, and meant to bring it up in recent weeks… this was perjury.

I’m caught up on The Americans, and was ready to go on season 5, but we don’t have cable with the FX tier…. So I was thinking it could be pulled down from the FX mobile app or something, and spent a bit of time trying last night. Wasnt true at the time, might be now that I look, says ‘1 full episode available’

There’s something happening here, obviously but if the suggestion is supposed to be that this stuff comes from the Pepe / Reddit goofballs or the white supremacists, I just don’t see anything to stand that up… My best guess would be its these young pathetic down and outers that pledge to ISIS.

Woody Kaine is a black bloc-er, apparently Ya think permissive, liberal upbringing might explain this nonsense right… Well, Tim Kaine has another kid in the Marines, so… I doubt Tim is paying Woody’s rent there in Minneapolis. That’s good. Woody had a quarter million or 300K education at Carlton amirite. I think this is the problem, you got a certain kind of affluent kid who graduates from these places, and they all have a lot of time on their hands because their education was too good for a $30k entry level office job upon graduation, and they don’t want to "work for the man" anyway, they are all waiting for an associate outreach director spot to open on someone’s friends dad’s non-prof ya know, but they are in a line, they have to to wait their turn, may happen by the time they are 27 or 31. In the interim, they cause all kinds of trouble, like this Middlebury riot or Berkeley. They got all kinds of observations about who benefits from labor and capital but do not trod that path where you start out making near minimum wage at at age 24 and are earning good professional money at middle age… This is why Trump won…


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