And another thing on this Woody Kaine deal

Here and there I’ve already observed conservatives complain that Ramsey County didn’t charge the Kaine mutineers with felony riot or some such. Ya know, like the fix is in… That might be a matter of mere jurisdiction, as it appears things are being properly attended to in the St. Paul city attorney’s court.

St. Paul will charge them with something, as they have been referred provocative police reports that recite provocative behavior. Don’t worry, they won’t get off completely.

But is it felony level? Depends on the law, but if you are a prosecutor and can make a felony charge stick rather than a disturbing the peace charge that these protesters shrug off, you pursuit that because someone could have gotten shot here and this kind of confrontation needs to have a greater legal disincentive to discourage it. Ya know, like the goofball that stirred it up with the BLM people last summer. He’s getting a stiff punishment.

That’s an analogy, same deal.


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