Dots w/ jots 3/7/2017

Everyone hates the Republican health care bill…. both thoughtful Republicans and ‘burn it down’ Republicans.

I don’t like it myself. The pieces of wisdom that I’ve incorporated over the years are… 1. healthcare is expensive, as a value added proposition (ie, lots of value has been added here in modernity, which needs to be paid for…), and this so-called ‘competition’ that the GOP would seek to introduce into the system making people shop with their HSA money and vouchers…. this is not going to work, cuz there’s already plenty of meaningful competition. Reality: It costs what it costs and it aint going to be bought down with mere competition. 2. healthcare is something of a right, and healthcare is expensive, and it is in societies interest to pay for poor peoples health care…. for lots of reasons. So, GOP plan doesn’t mind any of those truths, doesn’t fix anything…. Good news is, it won’t pass. See McArdle’s line about ‘Visigoths’.

Russkies under every bed… Ya know, or as you know…. I think the Trump / Russia angle is generally overthought, such that the Wikileaks were about the 10th most powerful reason Hillary lost. And by the way, as an aside, you still hear people on the left complain about Comey having done this or Comey having done that… What’s never mentioned is he was basically provoked into this role of awkwardly assertive / transparent FBI head by the optics of the Lynch / WJC meeting on tarmac in the Gulfstream in Phoenix. That’s how a great piece of this chaos started, but we never seem to revisit that event eh, the one that started this chain reaction… anyway, I still read Lambo’s ravings where they appear on WWP and FB, and he points today to Josh Marshall’s writings on the Trump / Russia nexus.

I find the Occam’s razor / innocent explanation arguments pretty persuasive. I think the minimum impression one should take from the granular details is that, yeah, Trump and his business associates are shady and should have been disqualified from the Presidency.

As another aside, this quasi relative of mine on the FB, he’s an urban liberal, works at the U…. He posts this thing today that’s viral on the left about the Dunning-Kruger effect and its diagnoses to Trump as a guy who’s narcissism and illusory bias makes him unable to see his own incompetence….

I’m not saying this phenomena doesn’t exist, but I think the left should worry this is too easy a reach. But ya know, that having been spelled out, the illusory bias of ones own competence, ya know, pilot fishing with that is the illusory bias of ones own ethics…. We got a syndrome for that? Trump and his group certainly would seem to be afflicted with it. These people really think they do clean business, or maybe find reasons to justify their participation in shady business…. Very Sopranos like quality to the tapestry painted there in the articles.

Voxsplained: Hey those conservatives are coming around on civil forfeiture reform

The whole issue is in truth, moved by conservative and libertarian energy, but I’ll give you another irony: I doubt there’s any chance Neil FING Gorsuch takes the side of a citizen in a due process / civil forfeiture case. Guy is totally a creature of the prosecutorial bar.

Trump’s wire

I think the Obama DOJ was probably doing some fishing, was eavesdropping…. I doubt Obama had any participation at all. I don’t know that I’d call it ‘political targeting’. They shouldn’t have been doing it though, and any of these agents who were doing it in service to ‘national security’ have, ya know, an illusory bias of their own ethics that hides their own real motives. Like, same thing as that witch Lois Lerner.


One thought on “Dots w/ jots 3/7/2017

  1. pm1956

    I don’t thi8nk that this GOP Obamacare replacement will hunt….Maybe they can pass this in the House, but it won’t go anywhere in the Senate. I simply do not think that the GOP will be able to come up with a replacement plan, and so ObamaCare will continue to live on….until, eventually, it is replaced by expanding Medicare to everyone (and we get a single payer healthcare system).

    Smoke and Mirrors…but there is a lot of Russian smoke, and more keeps emerging. Trump is losing this battle. And I am slowly becoming convinced that there is something there, after all. It just seems to be the simplest explanation. What else does Trump have to hide, and he certainly seems to be hiding something!

    All the Dunning-Kruger stuff is sort of interesting, but put it all aside for the moment. Trump and company have clearly demonstrated an astonishing level of incompetence since occupying the White House. I certainly understand that they want people to see them as accomplishing their goals and being successful (Trump is nothing if not extremely concerned with having an image as a winner), but they are simply incompetent! They can’t even get the paperwork for their nominees from the White House to the Senate to get hearings on schedule! The whole first travel ban fiasco was an astonishing clusterfuck, demonstrating an astounding level of incompetence. None of these people have any idea about how to run a government, which means that they are entirely dependent on what they call “the deep state”, who they are constantly fighting with. Basically, they are shooting themselves in the foot, constantly.

    Sessions is a huge fan of civil forfeiture. Yes, the libertarians in particular are opposed to this, but not necessarily conservatives.

    Lois Lerner was right. None of those groups should have been considered legitimate nonprofits. Their nonprofit status was bogus, making them nothing but tax cheats. How they became heroes to people like you astonishes me. Tax Cheats (like Trump) belong in jail.


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